Friday, May 6, 2011


Sunday and Monday were overcast rainy days.

I thought Sarah's Grow Project 4
 was to create something using materials or techniques that are uncommon for you.
I practiced using my left hand to write & draw. For over a week, I did this with nearly all my art stuff. Above is the front. My materials were watercolor pencils with a water brush.

I can write with my left hand. Afraid no one would decipher it, I stuck with my right.
And still, it's barely legible.

The bear is drawn with my left hand. I combined watercolor pencils and Shiva oil paintstiks. I had to get the oil painstiks for an Art and Soul class, in Fall of 2008. I don't know how or even if, we used them in class.
  Since then, they've been gathering dust.

 Back of the ATC card.
I misinterpreted Sarah's challenge. It was actually to craft something you don't normally craft or create. Oops, at least I wasn't getting graded on it.
Or I would have got my usual dreaded  B+.

We have a  Monet umbrella just like this. We bought it in Florida. It's hanging by our front door. We don't use it. I don't know why.

These umbrellas are pretty:
The band Dog's Eye View wrote a song called "Umbrella." It's a beautiful acoustic, (click the purple umbrella word above to listen).
It's a video, a cover version. It's all I could find.
 It's different than the one you're thinking about, or already know.
Their song is on the

"Can't Hardly Wait" soundtrack.

Did you know the girl who could play that song on her guitar?
Yeah, neither did I. It was more than 4 years ago.

More artsy umbrella stuff  below:

photo source
lyrics to Umbrella by  Dog's Eye View

Did you like the flowers I sent?
You could've called to thank me,
well you could've called.
Howie Green Gallery

I tried to kiss you
on Brooklyn Avenue,
but you got in your car, before I could move.

I've been falling like the rain,
but you've got your umbrella in my way.

Fists and fingers, tongues and teeth.
I want to see you, I'm tired of my dreams;
nights of wishing, I could open my mouth
and when I finally did speak, you were nowhere to be found.
I've been falling like the rain--
you've got your umbrella in my way

I had the sun in my hands
I had the sun in my hands

'til you said you liked the rain.
I had it all in my hands,

 I had it all
but I gave it all away.
Did I scare you off, by being honest?
how come we never see the end, 'til it's right there upon us?
teddy bear umbrella source

If you want, I can go away,

but like the rain, I'll come again some other day.

I've been falling like the rain--
you've got your umbrella in my way again.
One of these days I'm going to show up in your sunshine
and be a little sunshower
fall upon you and make you rise up like a flower
and you can be my little daisy, be my daisy.
photo source

  • poem by kalyan 
    Little stars smiling
  • on the black umbrella
  • the winter cherry flowers
photo source

Somebody in my family loves Mary Poppins . It was the first movie she saw at the theater. Her Daddy took her to see it. She used to watch it every time it came on television.
photo source
She'd play the soundtrack, and sing the songs, while cleaning her house.
photo source
Did you know Mary Poppins is a Broadway musical? I bet she'll go see that. It's coming to her town this fall. All she has to do is click on either purple Mary Poppins to get the details.

As soon as my grandma, or mom would say the quote above, can you guess what I would do with my umbrella?
U nder it you hide from 
M ountains of water 
B ut you don't feel it. 
R ain will come 
E veryday; no need to deal with it. 
L ay back as it pummels and 
L ightning bolts rumble 
A nd listen to the sounds of the rain as they hit. poem source


  1. Aww, hahaha. Definitely an A+!!! I love it. ♥

    That first ATC is bitchin', seems you got mad umbrella inspiration!

  2. wow wow wowwww!!!! really love your post about umbrellas, much better than mine!!! your blog is amazing, every time i see it, i think it!!



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