Wednesday, May 25, 2011

wind & sand

 Yes, it was back in April, when we went to the beach. I however, like to space out my posts, to break up the monotony. 

 Don't tell me if it's still monotonous. I don't want to know.
 When all I did was sit on the beach and draw.

But my guy's not content to simply sit.

He likes to go exploring.

 And get on all fours like an animal.

And growl at me for fun. 

 And make sand castles.

These are older kids playing with our sand toys.

It was interesting to listen & watch them plan out who was going to do what, to complete their sand creation.

I told these little boys that they could play with our sand toys. I had to explain how you filled up the watering can with water from the ocean. Then sprinkle the water over the sand.

They were so cute singing "Under the Sea". They looked at us like we were crazy when my guy
and I tried to sing along.

 Wouldn't be the first time someone didn't like my singing.
 Did I tell you about the time, my mom & I were singing in the car, with the windows down, at the light. 
 The people in the car next to us must not have liked our singing, because they rolled their windows up.
In Austin City Limits 2008, I was singing the echoing part of the Against Me! Don't Lose Touch song. I guess no one else in the audience knew the song. I was probably the only one singing it back. The two girls next to me looked at each other & bursted out laughing.

Do you really think that stops me from singing?

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  1. What a delightful post. Don't ever stop singing --- it feels to damn good to have that vibrating air move through our bodies. Hopefully one day those self-conscious girls will realize just how much fun they are missing. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm happy that you enjoyed the photos of the garden.


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