Friday, May 27, 2011

pottery take 2

This time I took the pictures.

There's my guy with his bowls.

I had asked our instructor,

"Is it just me, or do our bowls look smaller?" 

I was informed that the kiln shrinks the pieces about 10%.

There's my bowls before I put the glaze on. Remember all the special help I needed, or they would never, have turned out?

 The name that's supposed to be mine, but isn't, fired there, mispelled, forever, til my pieces break, or get lost. No, I didn't mention it. The fault being my own, for not writing it there myself. For not remembering.

I'm aware of how uncommon my name is, first or last. People who have known me for years, still foul it up. 
Does anyone else have this problem?

Hey, did you know that thing, that looks like a cake stand, spins around to make it easier to paint?

Well I do now.

All our glazing options.  We both chose the bright blue & the dark blue, but we put them in different combinations.

We're curious to see how they turn out.

What glazing color(s) would you have chosen?

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