Monday, May 23, 2011

art guitar

Here's what we saw at Wildflower Art Guitar .

I would play the hey outta this bad boy. It's called California Dreamin.' 
It should be mine.


side 1

 side 2


It's an owl (hoot-hoot).


This guitar shows
 music evolution.

It has vinyl album, 8 track,

cassette, tape, cd, & iPod.

Think my guy's impressed,

The side of it

looks like charred ash.
Sculpture-like piece.

 Just another Texas cliche'? 

I so want a custom guitar!

Blurry much? 

Oooo pretty colors!

Banjo loving

The rooster says...

Hey batter, batter, baseball fans.

Someone's singing & playing the blues.

Blurry basket weaving

 Big dislike cause women aren't used as trophies, or treated like inanimate objects enough in music, (sarcasm).

Did you notice the spread legs?

Inspired by Salvador Dali.

All the paper roses were dimensional.


  1. bahahahahahaha even though its negative toward women, I usually don't get too hung up on that stuff, I really really thought the barbie one was funny. But ok, in all seriousness, I'm in love with the owl guitar...I love owls! PS-thank you for calling me a brat in your comment, I like you even more now! haha--funny, you call me names and I like you more!

  2. LOOOOOVE the flamenco guitar!!


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