Tuesday, July 3, 2012

my ode to july 4th colors

60's Navy hippie Mod day dress
1960's Novelty Top
70's Printed Cotton Dress
Vintage Boat Neck Top
1960's Corduroy Pants
Hand Printed Vintage Top
Vintage Handbag
Mod Heels
When I wore red, white,
 and blue, in August 2011, in this post.
When I wore red, white and blue,
 in April 2012, in this post.

My nephew, Speed Racer,
in his front yard
My nephew Baby JJ
My twin nieces with their grandma
and great aunt
Little me, my grandma, and my brother,
it looks like a 4th of July.
I think my mom made my top.

My art
Phase 1

It looks scary because it's a blind contour drawing,
which means you aren't allowed to look at the paper, as you draw. 

Phase 2
I was not allowed to erase the pencil drawing. I had to shade on top of the pencil with crayon.
 This time I could look at the paper.
My art journal pages
Truthful and trusting
Enjoys air conditioning
Draws or writes nearly daily
Dreams of the mountains and the beach
Inspired by art, music, fashion, and the 1960's.

Tries hard to do, and be her best
Easily excited and entertained
Doesn't do yardwork
Doesn't mind doing laundry.
Is one who thinks far too much.
I believe in admitting when I'm wrong.
I believe kindness is free.
I believe in recycling.
I believe in global warming.
I believe in silly, laughing at absurdity,
and showing the ridiculous.
I believe in love, even when it stinks.
I believe the best in people,
unless they show me otherwise.
I believe we are stronger,
 than we ever thought possible.
I believe in saying thank you
and good-bye.
I believe in cleaning my own mess.
I believe in leaving something better
 than you found it.

Now go forth and celebrate, if you feel like it!  :)


  1. I like your acrostic poems! The mod dress and heart print top are cute, too!

  2. LOVE the second and third photos the best!


  3. I loved eeeevery outfit (and considered buying some, seriously!) and your nephews and nieces are always the cutest! You look amazing with your headband and a a little girl too (and red is my favorite color!) I really love your art journals, what you draw and what you write, so I am sure you'll get A!!!! (If I were the teacher, I would give it for sure!)

  4. love your ode to the 4th, the outfits are lovely & you have a wonderful family!

  5. Hi Teddi,

    I am always awed by your dedication to drawing. You are such an amazing artist! Not to mention that you can play the guitar too. The pieces are amazing. Ever considered selling your art? And do you draw daily? I feel like getting my drawing pencils out now.

    Thanks for the inspiration. :)


  6. love the red hat in the first picture.
    still jelous of your journal.
    and the arostic poems are great i remember doing them in first grade to tell my classmates a little about me


  7. I believe in a lot of the same things as you! :) Happy 4th of July Teddi! I love the blue top you wore years ago and how adorable is that childhood pic- I love reminiscing over those types of photos.

  8. wow, how many pages does your art journal have? it seems to be HUGE and it's awesome that you have commitment to do something like that :) oh and nice inspiration photos! I like vintage clothes and am always happy when I thrift something vintage that is in really good condition and looks great.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  9. what a nice selection of images, I like the vintage bag, and the first outfit. Blue red and white is a lovely color combo, very parisan chic. That's a fabulous picture of you, I like the green backdrop. And your nephew is so cute always, you have a happy family! I actually like the simple line work of that "blind" contour drawing. And your art journal pages are beautiful, you must have a huge collection!


  10. Love that big hat. I love dressing in red, white, and blue for the Fourth. It's thematic and cute.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  11. I hope you had a wonderful 4th last night

  12. You know what I think I'm going to write down all the believe poem. I feel the same way. I love all the 4th of July looks they have a 70's western vibe! Happy 4th July Tedd!x

  13. You nephews look very cute! Love the mod shoes


  14. teddi!!!! i wanted to tell you i finally made it to an outdoor concert sitting in the grass! haha you may think I'm silly, but it really reminded me of you.. you do that a lot and i was craving to do it as well ;) the band is named Jukebox and is a local band that imitates The Beatles. It was so much fun, I'll post videos and photos soon :)

    how was 4th of July? love the combos you made in this post!

  15. I love your blog! This post is awesome!
    Check out my blog, write your opinion and maybe...follow?
    Where are you from?

  16. Hi Teddi! Hope you had a great 4th of July ;)
    Like the choice for this post.
    My fav is the first image!!

  17. Ted colors are amazing when they are together .... I would do a post on July 4, but gave no time .. = /
    hehehhe .. I will do the Independence of Brazil! = D

  18. such fun patriotic inspiration :D


  19. Your nephew is so cute! Have a great weekend sweetie!:)

  20. awww JJ is so cute!

    Aimee (@Aimee_Victoria)

  21. Question - do you share all your journal pages with others or are there things that you like to keep for yourself?


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