Monday, July 9, 2012

makes me feel like

It's Inspiration Monday.
Which means that the ladies, Nora and Megan,
from Two Birds Boutiquechose an inspiration outfit.

Here's my interpretation of the outfit.

Today's inspiration is
Sofia Vergara  
To see others' versions of today's outfit,
go to Two Birds Boutique.  :)

So I wait my turn, I'm a modern man
And the people behind me,

They can't understand
Makes me feel like

My cousin made the orange and white bracelet. 

So I wait in line, I'm a modern man
And the people behind me,
they can't understand

Makes me feel like
Something don't feel right

Some people consider these weeds,
but we don't.
I took this photo.

Like a record that's skipping
I'm a modern man
And the clock keeps ticking
I'm a modern man
Makes me feel like...

In my dream I was almost there
But you pulled me aside
and said you're going nowhere

My guy & I enjoying the evening's
cooler temperatures.

My purse and shoes are thrifted.

I know we are the chosen few
But we're wasted

My art journal pages
"It's not always the understanding of life
that is important, but the believing in the wonder of it."  
by Flavia

And that's why we're still waiting
In line for a number but you don't understand
Like a modern man...

And you feel so right
But how come you can't sleep at night?
In line for a number but you don't understand

Like a modern man  
...I'm a modern man

Modern Man by Arcade Fire


  1. Those don't look like weeds to me either! Good job on the inspiration! I think your bracelets are extra pretty today!

  2. I haven't heard anything about that lady but I must say I really like your thrifted bag and shoes. nice, not too strong golden shades!
    oh and those sunflowers are beautiful! I remember my grandmother had those last year but unfortunately not anymore.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. I love the chinoiserie top...lookings like you are wearing a beautiful chinese painting, the color is so vibrant and vivacious. The gold accents on your bag and shoes are excellent color choices for the orange top. Very nice summery look, i like the inspiration! Have a wonderful week Teddi!


  4. I think I like your outfit better than the inspiration outfit. I also really enjoy your garden. It's beautiful.

  5. i love where you are taking pictures...the flowers (not weeds) are so pretty! and i love that bag. sequins? hobo bag? yes!

  6. love the colors of your top!


  7. your blog is really great <3 I love it <3 may we can follow each other? :)

  8. Nice blog dear!

  9. love sofia she is so gorgeous!! and of course arcade fire is freaking amazing


  10. loving the sunflowers!
    we've been trying to grow those in my garden but it's been impossible with this weather...
    and yeap.. you kind of get the idea en my day and night drawing... xoxo

  11. Teddi, don't be mad at me but you need to show off your little frame better. What do I mean by this? Maybe you are so small that most jeans don't fit your little frame. What size are you and how tall? I am going to send you some. Otherwise your top is really pretty, love the style of the jeans, and your bracelets are gorgeous. If you are mad, I understand but I adoreyou and don't want to offend. love, dawn xo

  12. Ted, I absolutely loved it, his pants .. is .. the other day .. looks gorgeous and the photography of flowers is beautiful! * _ *
    I love your hair up so ...

  13. I wouldn't consider those weeds either. Regualr dandelions though, they are weeds that consume my yard in the heated summer.

  14. Nice top dear, and nice song from ARcade Fire ;)

  15. Oh ! I notice that your entire family make beautiful jewelries !!!

  16. teddi, your nails are summer-ready<3 i'm not a big fan of Sophia, but i like your inspiration and colors... the sunflower looks cute and your journal so pro!!!

    have a great rest of the week :)

  17. I really love the pop art style of your journal today and the pretty pattern on your shirt! Your backyard is so gorgeous, can't wait to have an outdoor space of my own!


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