Thursday, July 12, 2012

fancy pants

There aren't any fancy pants here.
However, I do fancy these outfits.

80's Southwest Sunset Skirt
70's Polka Dot Dress
60's Paisley MIni Dress

I fancy these shoes.

Fresh Cut Grass Irregular Choice Shoes

I fancy these children.
 One of my twin nieces
Hopefully the other one of my twin nieces.
I can't tell them apart.  
My nephew Baby JJ
My nephew Speed Racer

That was the end of the fancy.
Now it's just me.

Little me a million years ago
Big me 2 years ago
My guy and I, in 2010

My art journal pages 

My favorite childhood 4th of July was at the forebay, in California, with my family and friends. We swam in the bay. We got dunked in the dunking machine. We had a BBQ picnic, and watched fireworks.
 I'm sure I got a sunburn.
I'm sure didn't like that part.


  1. Awesome post, this is my first time on your blog and I love it.. can we follow each other?

  2. Oh man, I want ALL those outfits. So sad that I can't online shop while I'm in India. =\

  3. I fancy you and your blog :D

  4. I fancy the colored striped skirt on the 1st photo.
    You're surrounded with lots of adorable babies Teddi, it must be a one happy home! ヅ

  5. gosh, Teddi, where do you find those amazing shoes all the time? cuteness overload for sure! :P
    and how adorable is your childhood photo! I always like it when you share those :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  6. Oh Teddy You always share lovely memories from your life! I think is lovely you and your guy seem perfect for one another :)

  7. love the first dress!


  8. i love that whole first outfit! and pictures of your nieces and nephews never get old. i love that you can't tell them apart!

  9. aww those children are just too cute! i love the southwestern skirt too


  10. Ted cute .. the picture you're with your boyfriend .... ^ ^
    I loved the style of the girl! ^ ^ She's beautiful!

  11. Dear Teddi, those outfits are all so good and a good travel in time for me, especially I dig that '80s striped outfit so much ! I am in a 80s mood in these days, also cause I keep on playing Rock of Ages soundtrack on my cd player !
    Your nephews are always so cute and your pics from a couple of years ago are sweet, you are always very original and cute :-)
    and I love those shoes, I like Irregular choice shoes, have one pair somewhere, gotta find them and use them for an outfit (they are from a few years ago and are awesome !).
    Many kisses, your friend Vale

    Fashion and Cookies

  12. I love the third look!

  13. Oh my gosh... I love your EBV outfit picks, they have the cutest vintage stuff - ever!! And aw, the pic of you & your guy is SO cute!! xo V

  14. I can totally picture you in those outfits.. but the shoes.. really??... not my style I guess...anyway, about my latest illustration, yeap it is watercolor.. I'm sort of experimenting but I still suck at those

  15. That first skirt is amazing! And I love that you can't tell your twin nieces apart!

  16. 'I'm sure I got a sunburn', I hear ya, that's usually me too! I love all those vintage outfits and how cute are your neices in their bikinis- it's so hard to tell twins apart!

  17. I woul LOVE to have that 70's polka dot dress ;)

  18. Your journal always looks very good..I love the red white and blue, so cute. Thanks for always stopping by to read my blog and for your kind comments :)


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