Friday, July 27, 2012

light aqua

Kind of like the sky,
kind of like swimming pool water

Flutter Floral Lace Dress
Color Block Tunic
Beaded Moccasins
Turquoise and Fringe Purse
Aqua Crystal Earrings

Some Years I've Worn Light Aqua

Top left:  nephew Baby Speed Racer 2010
Top right: I'm with my friend Ra   2009 
Bottom left: Ra's little one 2007
Bottom middle: one of my twin nieces 2010
Bottom right: Ra made my earrings and bracelets

Some little ones and aqua
My nephew Speed Racer 2012
My twin nieces EJ and Lil bug  2012
My nephew Baby JJ  2012
A brother and sister, (complete strangers),
at an outdoor concert 2012

My art journal page from April 20, 2012 
I was wearing a Jimi Hendrix t-shirt,
blue pants,
silver glitter nail polish,
and my hair in a bun. 
I was NOT wearing the dream Spring outfit I drew. 

On April 14, 2012

 I felt tired.
I was watching Touch on TV.
For dinner, that day, I ate homemade
 broccoli cheddar soup.
I listened to the All At Once album
 by Airbourne Toxic Event.

On April 14,  I was learning Missunderstood
by Earshot. We saw them in concert here.

The other song I was learning on guitar, in April, was Wherever I Stand by Taproot.

This video is their acoustic version.
I learned their regular rock version,
but I didn't like any of the videos for it.
I have never seen them in concert.


  1. Oh Teddi I love that first photo of you with the baby, you look so happy!

  2. Lovely lovely babies !!!
    I love the bag with fringes, so hippy chic !!!

  3. My heart melted into a puddle on the floor when I saw that photo of the siblings - so cute. I read recently that siblings are often your longest relationship of life...pretty true in most cases!

  4. Ted that post sensational! I loved the blue dress ... but the photos of your family are drinking too much ... and smiling is beautiful! =))

  5. The kids look so sweeeeeet! Baby JJ now is so so cute! And the brother and sister together at a concert, what for a beautiful image! It could well be me the way I am, always trying to protect my brothers!
    I like acqua very much too, you always look very beautiful, no matter the color you wear!
    The homemade broccoli cheddar soup could be made for me too!!!! Love it!

  6. I love those moccasins! And I have wanted some teal jeans like yours for a while now!

  7. seriously you must be the best auntie ever!!! i love those moccasins and fringe purse!

  8. All the babys are lovely! You have such a cute family :)

  9. again you've chosen some beautiful pieces to share. I especially like the first dress since it's just perfect for summer, including so many wonderful details :) yeah, it's one gorgeous colour!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  10. lovely babiess! I love aquamarine color :D so sweet!

    Missing Bee

  11. Loving all of the bright blue!! The baby in the images just looks so sweet!

  12. for a momment I thouht that you are the girl of the second pictures, you and her are very similar... that little kids are much beautiful that ever... happy week teddy

  13. a have a light blue (mint) pair of jeans, just like yours on the picture above :) i like your portrait!

    happy week Teddi,

  14. Teddi, these art pages are gorgeous! The colours are stunning. How do you do it?!

    I pretty much turned to mush lookin' at the photo of your little niece. She's so tiny and precious.

  15. Need the mocs. Want the mocs. Loveeeee the mocs. You are so talented...always journaling. So smart of you to keep a journal. My blog is my only journal but yours is tangible and lovely. Dawn suitcase vignettes xo


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