Monday, July 30, 2012

black and white boy

 It's a song . There aren't any boy images in this post.
Libertine Spring RTW 2012

Black and white boy
Black and white boy
ADAM Spring RTW 2012

You're so extreme

You're so confused
Libertine Spring RTW 2012

Color me in whatever mood I'm in

I could be still in touch with you

L.A.M.B. Spring RTW 2012

And you're full of the wonder of spring
It's all sweetness and lightness you bring

Alice + Olivia Spring RTW 2012

And a room full of people fall to your infinite charm

But when darkness should quickly descend
L.A.M.B. Spring RTW 2012

You go quietly, my miserable friend

To the depths of despair you will crawl

That's me rollerblading in 2006.

When you shake off the shadows of night

And your eyes are so clear and so bright

I got a new to me, used guitar.  :) The guitar on the left is my old electric guitar. I am keeping it.
The guitar on the right is my new 
Fender Stratoacoustic.
I know they look near identical, but they are different.
I didn't intend to buy another black guitar.
That's just the one I found.  
I can play my new guitar with or without an amp.
My old blue acoustic guitar was smashing my breasts and digging into my ribs because I'm a short girl, 
and so this guitar is a smaller size and fits my body better.

My art journal pages

You'll make fools of the liars and creeps

Put a rose in my cheeks...

art journal page left side

But when demons have climbed on your back

You are vicious and quick to attack
Art journal page right side

And you put on a wonderful show

Do you really, really think I don't know?
Black and white boy  
BLACK AND WHITE BOY by Crowded House
Black And White Boy by Crowded House on Grooveshark


  1. I havent roller skated in almost 2 years. The local rings are terrible

  2. I love black and white combo, they are timeless. And so classy. You look cute with your blades,,,I miss blading, gotta get the dust off my blades first. Your art journal is excellent. Always enjoy looking at them


  3. Love your rollerblading photos! And I agree it's so important to have an instrument that fits your body- turns out the cello I'm playing is way too big for me!

  4. I'm in love with the runway looks you've chosen to share with us. black & white can be so awesome together! btw, when I was browsing through your photos I got scared when I saw that Alice+Olivia model.. she looks so creepy :P anyway, your photos made me miss rollerskating.. haven't done it this year but should.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. i so enjoy getting a glimpse into your journal! i love black and white, it's so classic and you're making me wanna wear it tomorrow!!! i love that you rollerblade. i have before but suck. i played roller hockey with the hub on a team but it wasn't pretty.

  6. I love the design on the 1st dress Teddi.
    I don't know how to balance on roller blades - I suck! ヅ

  7. love th journal !! SO CUTE!Could you please consider following each other? I started my blog a little over a moth and I want to knw wat you think :) Twitter: @shineonbyandrea Instagram: Shineonbyandrea

  8. wow i really love the collection from LAMB, so stunning! you look great playing rollerblading, teach me how! ;D xx

    Letters To Juliet

  9. and you play music?? of course you do!

  10. loved those lyrics, especially the last paragraph... guess we found inspiration on the same thing: black and white... that's what my chanel post was about.. and yeah.. I don't know why you had the impulse to pull Anna's hair hahaha but that would be hillarious to watch.. I immediately imagined you pulling a "Bjorn" move when she attacked a paparatzzi (look for the video on youtube if you haven't seen it yet)
    take care!!

  11. ooh love those outfits, black and white is a classic, and so cool you play the guitar, I tried for a few months but never got good!

  12. Ted I loved that look of the collection .. ADAM is very beautiful and did not know Ted ... congratulations on your new guitar .. is beautiful ... it is a pity that I can not play guitar or drums ... I think I can play more ... so long I do not play anything ... heheheheh
    I'm not a rock star!

  13. Thank you so much for taking the time to give me some ideas. I love all them. I am so exciting to start writing, I'll probably post some of the stories on blog after they got published.

    I cant wait to see new article from your blog =)

  14. Ahh, rollerblading! I haven't done that in eternity! Well, not literally, but it's been a while. ;) Your art pages go so well with your guitar. I can practically hear the music comin' off them.

  15. I LOVE the rollerblading photo of you from below. Everything about it just screams summer to me, for some reason (blue sky?)


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