Tuesday, July 17, 2012

one summer

It was 2005.
I remember it was a hot day,
but not as hot as it gets in Texas.

Back then, hair was a lot shorter,
and a much lighter color. 

I was in front of the skate park.
I've never been able to balance on a skateboard,
so no, I didn't go inside.

You can just pretend that my eyes were open.

 The skate park was a fenced inside of a larger park.
 We walked further down through the park,
to the water.  

My guy let me take his photo.

Where there was more nature.

There were cobwebs on the trees.

This seems like another world.
This seems like another girl.
It was.
I was.
And yet there's parts of me,
 that are very much still the same.


  1. Fun flashback! Love the purple flowers! In many ways I believe I'm the same person I was when I was twelve years old. The core doesn't usually change...

  2. very nice post idea! I like your hair that way as well. and yellow + blue never get old

    Inside and Outside Blog

  3. aww you got some lovely photos! i love your witty comments after each one hehe!


  4. looks like a truly beautiful day :) the sunshine, all those beautiful flowers and nature overall is always so relaxing and makes you happy. I wish we had weather like that here in Estonia but oh now, not even close.. we have rain and more rain, also thunderstorms, crazy wind and freezing temperatures (I'm wearing a warm sweater right now). totally annoying! :D

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. love when you share old pictures!! you have such a gorgeous face Teddi!

    have a great week,

  6. They built a skatepark (via the city government) a few years ago in my town. Unless I could use my bike there, I would never be able to use any of that stuff. Me on a skateboard is a 100% blooper reel.

  7. Trying to post a comment, hope it now accepts!
    I loved the place! How beautiful, would love to go there!
    And the song! I love it! People call me weird sometimes, because I like old movies and old songs, even though I wasn't born at the time they were released. But art and beauty are timeless, right? Don't know why they call me strange sometimes!

  8. what a pretty day and beautiful pictures! what a trooper that your guy allowed his pics on your blog!

  9. nice flash back and I like your hair in there as well. and you saw our lady peace?! pictures pleaseee :D

  10. aw i love the throwback post, crazy looking back sometimes isn't it? yes i will show my items once i get everything situated :D


  11. Ah, what a lovely memory! I love the river, it looks so serene burbling in the background!

  12. I like so much what you are doing here.

  13. Your post are always like little stories, thanks for sharing your moments :)

  14. how cute you look with short blonde hair. you have good coloring so you can wear it all ways!!! these are great pics and fun memories. and yes, isn't it ridculously hot in texas? my BFF lived there for a while and i'd visit in summer. it was killer.


  15. I love looking at old pictures of myself, and that yellow and blue go so well together!


  16. Your writing is so simple yet powerful. I love the colourful outfit and wish my man let me take more photos of him!

  17. I really, really love that photo of the sunlight hitting the cobweb. I wish I had taken it :P

  18. those OLP pics are great! and I can't believe you also saw incubus and switchfoot, I'm so envious haha

  19. The nature photos are so pretty!!

  20. Hello dear Ted! Sorry for the delay ... no time .. = /
    I loved these pictures ... your boyfriend back Standing at the gate a lot of fun .... and his hat is a charm ... I love to review the photos ....
    I miss you friend .... am so far from my blog ... and all others that I love .. = /

  21. It looks like funny time :)
    Nice blog, can we follow each ? :D

  22. P.S. I keep forgetting to reply about your roller derby comment- yes we found it very boring (thought there would be more action!) so left after the first round LOL! AH well it's something I always wanted to do!

  23. Those are really nice pictures, Teddi. :)


  24. I can't put my finger on it but the straight-on photos of you and your guy seem more candid and intimate than others I've seen on your blog. Love!


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