Friday, July 6, 2012

my purple collection

This post and photos were inspired by
Random Color Prompt from the blog Daisy Yellow Art.
My mom made this purse.
My mom made the necklace,
and she made the blue blanket too.

Summer is going from
one air conditioned place to another.

My purple nail polishes

Summer is  usually when we go on trips.
My thrifted purple suede boots

Summer is
  when we see lots of live bands outside.
My friend made this purse.

 Summer is mosquitoes I loathe.
My mom made these earrings.

Summer is unbearable sweat.
My thrifted purse

Summer is heat induced headaches.
Earrings on top made by my cousin.

The triangle earrings were my grandmother's.

Summer is
 maybe going to the pool,
 or water slide.

My purple collection of tights/leggings

Summer is when my family has time off of school.

These little girls are complete strangers.
I took their photos because

they looked cute.
They were dancing to the band,
 at the outdoor concert.

My collection of purple books. 

...She would wear her dress of primrose silk and her new high-heeled fairy slippers...

..."Think of the music penned in this fragile, pale blue, wall," by Lucy Maud Montgomery

...For Laura's summer dress they bought ten yards of delicate pink lawn with small flowers and pale green leaves scattered over Laura Ingalls Wilder
...Snow came in the wind from the sky. Snow rose from the hard drifts as the wind cut away....The sky, the sunshine, the town, were gone,lost in the blinding dance of snow... by Laura Ingalls Wilder

...Seb Hunter:Guitar & vocals. Can play bar chords. Can sing high harmonies. Speaks like a child. Short hair, but almost over eyes. Prone to wetting pants if things are getting too overwrought... by Seb Hunter
...I hung up and reluctantly turned my mind to ever Heavy Metal fan's ultimate weapon of choice- our sonic call to-arms, our horizontal phallic light saber-the electric Seb Hunter

My art journal pages 
Summer is lots of art journaling classes.

Summer is blankets on grass,
bare feet, tank tops, sandals, shorts,
sprinklers, outdoor gathering, and heat.

 Roles I play:

wife, aunt, friend, blogger,
truth teller,compliment giver,
artist, student, survivor, writer,
patient, creative being, daughter,
supporter, jokester, musician,
teacher, fashionista,
photographer taker 


  1. Purple is the best color ever! I completely forgot about that purse I made for you. I hope your having a great summer.

  2. Just want to say I love you.. And miss you..

  3. My summers keep changing. This is definitely the summer of cooking, blog bravery, and playing cello. I don't go to concert anymore because HH can't deal with crowds or loud noises, but I sure am enjoying your photos of them!

  4. This post are great! You are very beautyful! Lets follow each other. If you agree let me know!

  5. Ahhh "roles I play" is SUCH a great art journal topic. I might have to borrow that for mine this summer! Absolutely lovely (:

  6. One of my brothers was born in Feb. so he used to have a good chunk of Amethyst because of it. Very pretty purple rock.

  7. haha wow you really love purple!! your mom did a great job making that stuff! and those purple suede booties are so awesome!!


  8. I wasn't really into purple, but then I ended up wearing it to prom. It's actually a pretty awesome color. I especially love purple lipstick. My goodness, those purple suede boots of yours are insane in the best way possible.

    May the force be with you.

  9. Summer is the time to have fun great post I love summer (because i don't have to do math)

  10. your mom is always good at making something, please say to her that the purse and necklace are amazing. i love that new suede boots of yours =) xx

    Letters To Juliet

  11. I love the triangle earrings that belonged to your grandmother. already before reading the text I knew those were vintage :P and wow, how many purple nail polishes you have! and leggings! you definitely love purple.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  12. Beautiful pictures. Love them all! Your journal is inspiring and very creative. Love the blue-purple theme. Love your mom's work too! Summer is love but I hate mosquitoes and heat too. I need to move to San Francisco may be. :)

    Heel in Mint

  13. Like it! Wish you a lovely week sweetie!:)

  14. Hi there sweetie, nice post :)
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  15. Your puple boots are fabulous! It's strange that I "came here" yesterday, and didn't see this post, and now it's here since the 6th! Don't know what happened!
    Your mother is very talented and I also loved - as usual - your art journal! Enjoy your summer - a lot!

  16. I love purple!! and I think this is the summer of working for me unfortunately :(

  17. Sigh- I love L.M. Montgomery's stories- so enchanting! You have an amazing tight collection and I love the purse your Mum made! Very funky art pages, really like the floral like drawings!

  18. I love that purse your friend made. I have a brightly printed cotton version my sister brought me back from Africa. I use it as a lunch bag, not because I don't value it but because I get to see and use it every day (and it's easy to wash!)


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