Thursday, July 19, 2012

color clash

A compilation of things abstractly mixed like paint spatters. They share elements of green and blue hues.

Paint Splatter Skirt by NoBigTruth

Promise Mult-Color Accent Shoes

Color Clash Blouse

Abstract Leggings
Vintage Herbert Levine Shoes
That's me, letting my nieces try on
my hair things, from my suitcase.

You may notice EJ's painterly like spills,
 on her clothes. She's wearing my hair accessories,
and bracelets. 

My niece Lil bug is also sporting painterly like food spills, while wearing my headband.

The only paint like thing here is my nail polish.
I'm holding my nephew, Baby JJ.

Neither my guy nor my nephew, Speed Racer,
spilled anything on their shirts, not yet, anyway.
I do want to point out that my guy is wearing my
 t-shirt. No, it didn't fit him. We needed to do laundry or he forgot to pack enough shirts.

Why yes, I did use paint on these art journal pages,
from June 23, 2012.

These art journal pages are from 
from June 26 and June 30, 2012.  If you guessed I used paint on these art journal pages too, you would be one very smart cookie.

Too bad I can't give you a cookie, to reward you for intelligence. 


  1. You're lucky to be surrounded by so many cute babies !!!

  2. you know what? i started mixing patterns when i created my blog, because i used to be very classy (neutral colors)... your blog and many others inspired me to try new things without losing my style, obviously :)

    always enjoy pictures from your nephews and the funny stories!


  3. i want to buy the first few things you posted here! and i love that you are sharing your hair things with the girls. so cute!

  4. love love love the skirt in the first photo

  5. aww these are so adorable


  6. Great photos! I especially like the paint splatter skirt, multi-colored heels, your journal page about what you're looking forward to, and your nephew saying no to the papparazzi!

  7. i just discovered your blog and i'm loving it! :)
    Wanna follow each other?Please let me know.. xoxo
    Have a lovely day! ¦

  8. prints are so on trend now, I love abstract ones with bold colors, but yet to wear them on myself though. Lovely babies, you are such a doting aunt. Keep painting, you are so good at it!


  9. Cool abstract items! I love the leggings & skirt!

    The babies are adorable as always! :)

  10. I like those colour clash pieces you've picked out, especially the skirt in the beginning. oh and also those amazing heels. btw, you have so many tiny relatives! :P

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  11. I feel so deprived, I earned that cookie fair and square. :P The colorful clothing pieces here are so fun, I LOVE that outfit in the first photo. **boom** That was my mind being blown, yet again, by your art journal pages.

    May the force be with you.

  12. adorable pictures of your nieces and nephews.

  13. Oh lovely post! thanks for the share. Kim

  14. Nice content, you're so lucky to have those babies to get you through the day.

  15. Aww look at that smile from EJ- what a doll! Haha my man wouldn't be able to squeeze one of my shirts over one arm! Love those colour blocking heels- such a great colour combo!

  16. baby JJ is so tiny and cute. soooo freak'in cute! You have such a lovely extended family, I'm sure they miss you lots.

  17. Hello! Great blog! The last post is very interesting and beautiful! Let's follow each other, if you agree, then let me know!)))

  18. woo colour...lovelylovelylovely <3

  19. Hi Ted! I love the mix of ideias...the second pics...omg...perfect shoes!!Love your family!! =))


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