Monday, July 2, 2012

colorful fake flowers

Here's my outfit based on 
Two Birds: Inspiration Monday.
How many fake flowers can you spot?

Today's inspiration is:
Eva Mendes
Eva's wearing fake flowers on her skirt.

To see how others were inspired, go to 
Two Birds: Inspiration Monday.

Notice the fake flowers on my thrifted skirt.

I won these shoes in this giveaway.

 My white eyelet blouse is thrifted.
Nice hair,
 courtesy of the Texas wind.

Playing the fool,
or is it I pity the fool?

Bracelet details
My mom made my necklace.

My art journal pages.
The bright fake flowers in this post's title also refer to these flowers I painted and drew.

It says: Imagine a world of equality with no injustice- a coexistence where differences are celebrated and shared, for understanding through learning, kindness is revered, and the norm.

It says: I imagine that illness and sickness disappeared, that money and greed were no concern, or worry, that passion and dreams are encouraged, that trust was a given.


  1. Your journal pages are so inspiring. (And I like your shoes!)

  2. Million flowers I couldn't count! ヅ

    Teddi, will you sprinkle some of your lucky charms on me? Those are lovely shoes! ヅ

  3. what a beautiful summery outfit, Teddi! I like the delicate colours of your skirt and I LOVE those shoes you've won. you definitely are lucky, hehe. btw, your bracelets are something I also really love.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. what great words in your journal! so inspiring. i love the colors on your skirt, and your new shoes are so cute! what a win!

  5. This is a very cute skirt !
    Aw I like Eva Mendes :)

  6. Hello dear Ted ... at first I loved your sandals! =) ... the photos are too much, especially you're expression of wonder ... = O. .. heheheh

    So ... my friend's birthday ... 12 days ... and yes I'm cancer! \ o /

  7. I really like the white shirt that you are wearing. It's cute! That is a classic piece, for sure.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. Oh Teddi, your funny facial expressions and poses did make me laugh! Your outfis is utterly charming and I am liking those wedges greatly! The journal is wonderful- the words beautiful and the illustrations so fitting!

  9. You look so lovely! I really like your heels. xx

    - Victoria

  10. love the colors of your outfit and those wedges are fab!


  11. I love your skirt; so pretty. And those shoes are AMAZING. I covet them every time I see them!

    And, as always, thank you so much for sharing your journal pages. I love reading them.

  12. That's such a cool journal!

  13. Beautiful post!
    P.S. Enter my amazing GIVEAWAY and win a genuine black diamond bracelet :)

  14. Beautiful outfit and I love the pictures. Love the writing on your journal ...very touching and so true!

    Heel in Mint

  15. Nice take on the inspiration. Yellow is the colour that I go for most during summer. I love that pair of shoes that you won. So lucky!


  16. Haha I pity the fool- too funny! I love that surprised photo of you and this is such a delicate feminine outfit- I love the colour and how funky are those shoes!

  17. I LOVE those shoes!! and the yellow skirt is gorgeous. Love this post, so many bright colors. Your mom & cousin make great jewelry :).


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