Monday, July 11, 2011

never did put these on flickr

Here's a mixture of art journal assignments from June:


Hello, Summer I Welcome You
Like A Long Lost Friend
Beacon of Light and Sunshine

Self Portrait
My favorite flower

3 Things That Are Near Me:

Great Grandpa's Antique Radio
Music Bag Full of Art Stuff
Library Book

Super Hero Outfit
What Super Hero Power
Would You Choose?

To Heal the Sick

(purple link shows blog post)

What I Wore:

Chocolate brown & turquoise floral headband, Chocolate brown blouse with white tank underneath, Colored floral skirt, Grandma's earrings, Seashell cuff bracelet, brown & turquoise bracelets made by Mom & cousin,Turquoise peace necklace made by Mom, White high heeled sandals 

(purple link shows blog post)
Your Pet:

She belongs to my mom,
but I've been taking care of 
Ellie Bee.  

My Perfect Room

Write A Letter To Yourself

Scribble experiment:
Draw lines around paper randomly, and then color the holes.

My Heart is Consumed of :

Family, Music, Art, Friends, Sunshine

Journal Goals:

Draw, write whatever pleases,
you, you, you

Did I accomplish any of these goals?

Ha! Does that answer that question?

Goals & I, are kind of a joke together. 

These are my summer traditions:

Outdoor Concerts
Family/Friend BBQ'S
Free Slurpee Day at 7-Eleven
Swimming Somewhere
Birthday Parties

Write a letter to someone & give it to them.

What I Wish I Wore:

Honestly I love my clothes!
So I just drew what I wore that day.
Here's what I wore using words:

Cream & gold floral headband, black, gold, silver & brown sandals, cream & gold wing earrings, royal blue tank top, royal blue post earrings, charcoal grey shorts with faint checkered coloring, patterned & floral butterfly blouse with cream, brown, royal blue, black purse with gold zippers & silver accents, cream & brown beaded necklace, black bracelet cuff with gold accents, & shades of brown beaded bracelets.

In high school I kept a notebook

 where I wrote down my outfits, 
so I wouldn't repeat the same look. My cousin thought I was crazy. 

The past 4 yrs. or whenever,
 I sometimes drew or photographed them.

Anyone else draw or 

write down their outfits?

I bet I'm not the only one.


  1. I don't draw or write down my outfits, but I LOVE the idea and might have to start.

    Thanks for sharing these sketches! They're amazing!


  2. I love your journal.. and I always love your outfits too... :D

  3. Nice drawings! i like the one where you welcome summer!

  4. you are so talented! I love all of these - they are fun to read. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I don't write or draw my outfits, but I had the idea of an inventory of my clothes and accessories, by categories. I would draw one of each category randomly so that I get new outfit ideas. Or better have a software for that, just like in the movie Clueless. Then I realized that sometimes you can layer skirts and dresses or wear scarves as skirts or tops, and so it got way too complicated and I just dropped the whole project. I don't have time for it, anyway. So the problem of dressing in a boring way most of the times is still on. :(

  6. You are so creative! Love these drawings and journal entries.

  7. Oh my, you do have ENERGY! I don't think I could keep up with you. Love your drawings - your dream room is fabulous!

  8. The only time I've sketched my outfits was for a page where I planned what I was going to pack for a trip.

    And I've sketched dresses and skirts that I'd like to make before.

  9. Love the art journal!!

    Wish I had been so successful when I tried to do one, but I found the whole experience unsatisfying (hated what I did!!) and stressful!!

    S x


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