Wednesday, July 6, 2011

i'm on that road

She took a trip

Terracotta, rust, sage,
olive, amber, saffron,

Layers of sediment, built up for years,

or crumbling, pieces, and

Standing strong. Can something be jagged and smooth, all at the same time?

See the snow? Desert and heat,
where snow never existed,
 all in the same frame

All those that pass, as the roads go

Traces of pink and lilac color,
among smooth, sandy, clay
against rough brush and rocks

All coexisiting, all in the same habitat

Its all there

Can you see it?

There's even shades of grey,
Darkness against light

Things are still growing and thriving

 She'd  seen it before,

but still she's amazed

Natasha Poly Vogue Paris
And it makes her wonder.

"Don't look back
A new day is breakin'
It's been too long since I felt this way
I don't mind where I get taken
The road is callin'
Today is the day"
Natasha Poly Vogue Paris
"And I can see 
It took so long just to realize
I'm much too strong 
Now, to compromise
Now I see what I am is holding me down
I'll turn it around, oh yes I will"

Natasha Poly Vogue Paris
"I finally see the dawn arrivin'
I see beyond the road I'm drivin'

It's a bright horizon but I'm awakin' 
Oh I see myself in a brand new way 
The sun is shinin'
The clouds are breakin'
'Cause I can't lose now, there's no game to play" 

Natasha Poly Vogue Paris

"I can tell 
There's no more time left to criticize
I've seen what I could not recognize
Everything in my life was leading me on
But I can be strong, oh yes i can"

"Oh the sun is shinin' *and I'm on that road* 
...Don't look back"    -Boston


  1. Wow, that scenery is AMAZING!! One of the things on my to do list - take a roadtrip to see views like that....

    S x
    PS Thanks for your kind words over at mine....

  2. mmmm.... how i would LOVE to be driving that road today... hand out the window, radio up, windows down... sky all endlessly huge above...

    road trips are one of my top ten favorite things EVER.

    thanks for the reminder :)

  3. These are very cool photos! I've never been in a place like this ever, but it'd be cool to see!

  4. ah man, such beautiful scenery! I want a roadtrip BAD...but I don't even own a car, damn city livin'!

  5. Great post! Love the mix of scenery, fashion and music!

  6. Gorgeous pictures, the sky is beautiful!


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