Tuesday, July 12, 2011

love the word prompt

Here's my photographs of

"the word love"

from the
30 Days of Lovely"

photo challenge.

 Loving my nail polish 1

My love beads 1

 Still loving beads 2

Feel the love beads 3
Love combines with beads 4

More nail polish love 2

And because I wanted to mix it up a little bit, here's my guy sharing some love.

He's such a good sport.

Mountain love, attraction with magnets.

Where do you find the word love?

If you don't find it, why not create it?

That's what I did.

 Take a picture and share it on this flickr group.

I would love to see it!    :)

Altered bottle with foam letters


  1. Hey, about the steve madden shoes! they are comfortable! I had shoes who are much were! I haven't walked on the very long, so I still have to find out if they are comfortable for a long time, but they are nice for now =) and they are pretty and I heard the quality is very well :)

  2. thank you so so much for visitting my blog and leaving so many sweet comments!!!!!!
    you are so so lovely!! thank you!!!!

  3. wowww!! amazing nail polish collection!!!! it looks like if all of them be the same brand, right?? which one??



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