Saturday, July 23, 2011

meaningful jewelry

Here's my version,
on the 30 Days of Lovely

A jewelry still life.

Brooch & earrings made
 by my great grandmother H.

This is me with my grandma T.

I don't have a photo of my great grandma H.

I think I gave them all to my mother.

These blue earrings were made by my great grandma H as well.

This is a brooch & clip on earrings that belonged to my grandma T. 

These things came from Grandma T's jewelry box.

This was my great grandma H's necklace.
It's uncomfortable on my neck, so I wear it as a bracelet.

Before she died, my grandma T went through her things with me, and she described them.

My grandma T was one of my favorite people.

I'm sure I've mentioned, how our birthdays were 5 days apart.

This little jewelry box was given to me when I was a little. It was from my childhood best friend.
She & I lived next door to each other for 5 years.

This is me with my grandma L.

As a child, she was one of my favorite people.

 This is the heart rose pendant grandma L gave me as girl. She used to wear it herself. 

This is me with my other great grandmother. She was grandma L's mom. Her name was my birthstone. She and her sisters were named after gems: Pearl, Ruby, & Opal.

She gave me this rock when I was a child. I lost the original chain. I still wear this necklace. 

Check out the ottoman, my guy made.
I used it to take all these photos.

Below is me with my brother, wearing the rock necklace from my great grandma.

This is an art journal page I drew.
It's what I would put in my theoretical time capsule.

This would be stored in the jewelry box my friend made, & gave to me last year.

Close up drawings of the jewelry I would also keep in the box.

All the jewelry listed is made or given to me, by friends or family.

What jewelry is special to you?


  1. Goodness, SO beautiful! I love the jewelry I've gotten from my grandmother and great-grandmother. No one makes jewelry like that anymore.


  2. thank you for your comment!!! Ohh I just lovee these! so sentimental. lovely!

  3. What a beautiful post! I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your pretty heirlooms and the meaning they have for you. I love things that are handed down- jewelry that my relatives have passed down to me or gifted me on a special occasion is definitely my most prized. xx

  4. The photos are beautiful, as is the post. A lovely tribute to those you love!!! I only recently inherited my great grandma's engagement ring and it means so much to me already! <3

  5. I love all of your jewelry pieces they are so beautiful.

  6. I agree with you completely; the meaningful stuff is so much more fun to wear. My absolute favorite item would be a cameo ring that my dad gave me. He chose it b/c my grandmother always wore cameos, so it reminded him of her. My dad and my grandmother are my 2 favorite people in the world (along with my son!) so it was just perfect. It normally wouldn't be my style, but I love that it is reminiscent of them.


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  8. you actually have such great content on your blog from memories to jewelry. you're awesome! I read through all the comments you left for me. I was cracking up :) They all really made my day. Thank you! Keep it awesome!


  9. These are beautiful Teddi! Each piece and stone is so special and original. Both my mom and my MIL were orphans so I don't have anything dated far back from grandma's end so I admire yours so much! They date so far back but are still so beautiful. My MIL plays around with more costume jewelry and yard sale finds than my mom so I am less intrigued to to "borrow" them ;)


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