Thursday, July 14, 2011

lance lopez etc..

This is local musician
Lance Lopez.

You've probably been wondering, if we still,
 go to concerts.

Yes, but we see more local bands, because it doesn't cost as much money. Sometimes with local bands we don't have to drive as far, thus we save money on gas. Also with local bands the price of parking isn't as outrageous as big concerts. 

That doesn't mean we've given up on bands, that are well known. Instead we have to determine if they are worth our money & time. Plus the venues are less crowded than seeing more popular bands. As you know, I like to sit as close to the front as I can, so I can watch the guitarist. 

Truth is, we have so many choices of great, local music all around us, but even that, can get expensive, too. We've been to lots of concerts, I'm more selective now, than I used to be.

I like Lance's guitar playing in this video, but the vocals don't sound right.

I think these vocals are closer to Lance's actual voice.

This is the outfit I wore to the show.

The wind was doing it's thing.

Fun fact: that day, my guy was wearing his green shorts. 
His shorts are the exact same color as my blouse.

No, my guy & I didn't intend to color match each other.
When I asked to take a picture of him, in his green shorts, he said no.
  Which just goes to show, that my guy doesn't always want, nor have to, photo cooperate.  ;)
I like how my self portrait is over exposed & sort of  blurry.
I'm wearing my thrifted skirt & thrifted Steve Madden shoes.

The pink bracelet was made by my mom, & I bought the white one at Sam Moon.

I remember our on our 1st trip to visit Texas, admiring the accessories of 2 different ladies on the plane. The gushed about Sam Moon as their ultimate accessory store.

What's an accessory store you like to shop at?


  1. looks like a great concert!

    new post: Big Moments, check it out
    Would love to have you as a reader

  2. Nice look!

  3. Thank you!!!! you are so sweeeeeet!!! thank you !

  4. you look fantastic! I like the green t-shirt!


  5. It's Polish band MUCHY/FLIES :D They play mainly rock like The Smiths, Modest Mouse, The Velvet Undeground.
    Their myspace:
    i agree with you :) I love live music, too! I could die at concert my favourite band. Do you like going to rock festivals?


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