Thursday, July 7, 2011

fun mail

This card is from Lenore. 

Lenore also made me this beautiful ATC.

Here's the card and the tags Cindy gave me. 

Cindy goes by prairie mouse.

She said the corner of my card was nibbled by a mouse.

I'm hoping she was playing.

I'm not really fond of mice.

Okay that's a slight understatement.

Also made by Cindy.

I love getting little pieces of art created by other people!

Below is part of a paint collaboration project. One person paints something, then mails it to the next person. Each person adds to the art, then passes it along.

Here's the painting before.
The painting after I added my take.

It's hard to see how I blended & tried to add cohesion with my colored pencils. I collaged the painted hearts in the left bottom corner. I added my ballerina umbrella drawing, in the right upper corner. The two different ribbons attached on the bottom right.

The painting before.

The painting after my painted & collaged additions.

Have you got any fun mail lately?
If so, do share.  :)


  1. Hola Hola!!! thanks for trying to speak in Spanish and your Español no is bad!! :D ¿que tal estas?


  2. What adorable ideas, especially those collaborative paintings! I haven't gotten any fun mail lately.. but I am looking forward to a postcard from a friend of mine soon!! x

  3. you're so lucky to have such sweet mail :)


  4. ohhh! sooo nice! lovely pictures! ADORABLE!!!

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