Sunday, July 3, 2011

my favorite and only nephew

It's only been 2 weeks,
 and I already miss him.

 Baby C is wearing his monkey monk outfit.

Somebody lost this shoe, then somebody else found it the next day.

Grandma gave Baby C this green puppy, that sings to the tune of

"Me and My Shadow." 

It says, "Me and my friend Baby C." 

The puppy also says something about how he and Baby C like to eat macaroni and cheese.

Which his mom said he doesn't like to eat anymore.

Another thing the puppy says is, how he and Baby C's favorite color is blue, (no one's really sure about that).

It's probably an assumption based on his Daddy's favorite color.

You can program & personalize the puppy to say all this stuff.

Well I didn't program it. We know I'd probably break the thing if I attempted that.

Tech savvy I am not.

My nephew likes to look at books.

od thing cause, his weirdo Aunt Teddi, likes to give them as presents.

Wasn't she a reading tutor on her last job, or something?

It was only a matter of time, before Baby C tried to get into my water bottle.

He hasn't figured out how to open my water bottle, yet.

Make note of the key word.

"Why won't you let me play with your bracelets, Aunt Teddi?" look

He ended up breaking my necklace, on accident, minutes later.

"Aunt Teddi, listen to my toy that makes music,when I pull it," look

"See what happens when I push the button on my
toy, Aunt Teddi," look

"What the hey is Mom and Grandma doing over there?" look

"What's camera worthy, now?" look

"Follow me up the stairs, cause I'm

gonna get into something,

 like the batteries,

(while their charging),

 or Daddy's personal computer,"


  1. Awwww I'd be missing him too. Thank you for coming and commenting on my blog, you really brighten up my day.

  2. he's a stud!!! great photos!

  3. Oh he is so so so adorable! Thank you Teddi for the sweet comments and birthday wishes! You made my day:-)


  4. I have to say I'm a little afraid of kids...

    / Avy

  5. So cute! Hope you had an awesome Fourth!

  6. Aww he's so adorable!



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