Thursday, July 21, 2011

grey like ashes

"I hear mandolins, guitars,
Spanish bagpipes,
the drums of Africa,
boatmen wailing on the Nile.

art by Ashes 57

I see sailors on watch
sipping cups of hot cocoa.
I see cathedrals, skyscrapers,

art by Ashes 57

cottages... I see
goats skipping along
the rocky coast

art by Ashes 57

Greece... I see
people chatting in
cafes , sipping wine,

gemstone bracelet

strolling on boulevards,
and avenues...

handmade beaded bracelet

...I'd love to bring this horse
home and let him
stay downstairs when

vintage leather pumps

we're up in Italy but even
if I could go get him
 in, the door

1970's leather boots

my mother would
yell at me that
the last thing we need

in this house is a horse...

reversible belt

...Mam tells me at home,
You shouldn't cry
but then again

upcycled bike tire belt

tears are salty and
they'll wash the bad
stuff from my eyes...

...I have to stand at the edge
of the River Shannon so that
the whole world won't see

the tears of a man
the day he's fourteen...

...They're back at work
and I'm down the
stairs to the next part
of my life...

...It's too late now.
I'm on the ship
and there goes Ireland

and it's foolish to be
standing on this deck
looking back and

thinking of my family

...and even more foolish
 that songs are going
through my head...

...I can pick out
the Statue of Liberty,
Ellis Island,

front of sweater

the Empire State Building,
the Chrysler Building,
 the Brooklyn Bridge.... 

back of sweater

"Leave a blanket 
of ash

Front of Nirvana dress

on the ground"   -Nirvana

Back of Nirvana dress

There are thousands
of cars speeding
along the roads

and the sun turns
everything to gold...

...That was a lovely night,
Frank. Isn't this a great
country altogether?

"Tis." -Frank McCourt 

I recently reread
that book
Angela's Ashes.

I'd forgotten
most of it.

Ashes In Washed Black

I must have
 I liked it.

Vivienne Westwood Fall 2010

I'd held onto
my copy, from
all those years ago.

ash grey sweater dress

Some people think
that it's a
depressing book.
ash grey boot

Sometimes I think
is depressing.

I got this somewhere off Google.
The link was off, so I don't have the source.

That book
was real.
It was his story,
the way
he remembered it.

From the ashes of the first stars

Not everything
in life is
 colorful & bright.

Sometimes ash grey

is the perfect color.


Sometimes ash grey
is a mood or a feeling.


  1. super post! i love that book, read it years ago... sad.

    like the girl in grey, she's pretty.

    thankyouuu for your last comment !!!

  2. Your posts are always so beautiful. You're wonderful at tying so many different elements from Art and pop culture together.

    Thanks for being my friend! :)

  3. love the NYC vibe i get from these pictures!! nice post dear :)


  4. Thank you for all your sweet comments! They seriously made my day. :) I agree with Alovelylittleworld - you have a great way of tying different elements and ideas together. Grey is such a versatile colour. I wish I had more of it in my closet. Love those vintage leather pumps! ;)

  5. beautiful and inspirational post! it's great cuz I'm eating lunch and it's friday afternoon and just feels so refreshing after reading it!

  6. great post love all the items!

  7. I adore those tights with the branch detail. So mysteriously sexy, which is the best kind of sexy there is! And the asymmetric jacket below them is incredible. I also love the ash gray boot! By the way, thank you for always leaving such nice comments! You make me blush!


  8. Such an interesting and unique post!


  9. Love the first photo, so beautiful!
    Follow each other? :)



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