Tuesday, September 4, 2012

back in may

I looked at these dresses, online.

The girl in these 3 photos is NOT me.

Floral 1970's Vintage Dress

This dress is no longer available at
Everybody's Buying Vintage.
This dress is also no longer available at
Everybody's Buying Vintage.

This is me. 
I took self portraits in front of the mirror,
 in my bathroom.

I went to my friend's birthday party.
These are my friends A, & L. 

I bought this book,
 One Artist Journal by Orly Avineri.

I saw these views out someone else's car window.

I saw this art on the airport wall.

I got to see my nephews and my nieces.  :)

I sketched my nephew,
 while he was at his grandma's house.

My wish for my nephews and my nieces is for you to know how truly you are loved by us. Even if we don't get to see you as often as we'd like because we live far away. We would enjoy taking you on adventures, and playing with your toys, or reading stories, getting messy, and getting clean. We would be honored to celebrate your milestones and achievements, or give your hugs and wipe away your tears. luv xo :)  words written 6-26-12


  1. I want those boots! Really. Want.

  2. I love taking self-portaits because I am a 15-year-old Myspace girl stuck in a 23-year-old's body. And I'm not sorry.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. I like those views.. mountains are always beautiful to watch and photograph :)
    and how cool are those dresses! such lovely patterns for autumn. full of colours and versatility.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. Love Love love that sketch! Xx


  5. i loved the 3rd combo! did you buy any of them? i think the mirror pictures are funny! haha you are so silly, just like me ;)

    happy Wednesday Teddi!

  6. Love the vintage dresses (third one is probably my most favorite). Beautiful illustration of your nephew and I love your bathroom collage. :)

    Heel in Mint

  7. Ted I loved the dresses are so boho! I loved your pictures in the bathroom ...
    Ted And I'm sure his nephews know how you love them ... you are an aunt and supplies this ... one day they can see what you blog for them .... and you're lovely ... thank you for being my friend .. even so far!

  8. I am always filled with admiration whenever I visit your blog Teddi- that portrait is gorgeous! I'd love to browse through your art-journal- it would be a journey of beauty!

  9. Love the post!



  10. I really loved the dresses, will love to see your "couple" pendant, and will show my "art" one day - I don't paint very often, but I could do it everyday - I need to feel completely fine to do that... and lately I have to close some scars, you know.
    What I really loved was what you wrote to your nephews and nieces. That touched my heart! To be honored to be together at their milestones or even to wipe their tears... priceless! You are amazing, Teddi!

  11. Your art is your talent, it is beautiful. I sure hope that you really get your art out there. Cute collage pictures of you by the mirror as well. All of your nieces, and nephews are cute! Thanks for all of your kind words on my blog :)

  12. So many things I love about this post, the dresses, your pohoto in the mirrors and that trawing!

  13. I love that middle dress, but I love the mountain photos even more!

  14. Those first three dresses are so lovely, love the 70's patchwork look to them :D

  15. Oooooo, that first dress is incredible! The bell sleeves are so charmingly hippie-ish. You got to see KISS in concert? How I envy you! I wanted to go to the KISS and Motley Crue tour so desperately, but was unable to. **pout**

    May the force be with you.

  16. I bet you the middle dress is no longer available because someone was like, 'whoa, it's high-low AND vintage, awesome' and pulled out her credit card.

    I absolutely love the heartfelt note to your nieces/nephews. They're lucky to have such a caring aunt!


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