Monday, September 24, 2012

i don't know

"Been hollowed by uncertainty
I've taken all of my beliefs
And given 'em up 

Cause there's no guarantee...
Admit you don't know anything
And give it up

My brown lace blouse was thrifted,
shown before

My boots were thrifted.

Singing, I don't know if I've been reborn,

Lived a past life, suffered in another time,
I don't know...

My skirt was thrifted.

Give it up, give it up, give it up
Well I don't know what to believe anymore

My mom made my earrings.

But every now and then I feel a moment of awakening
But then it's gone, then it's gone, then it's gone...

My leopard print  tank was thrifted.

There's a strength in duality
Penetrate mentality
Give it up, give it up...

Bracelet shown before here, from
 this giveaway,

Thrifted purse also shown before 

My art journal page from July 2012

When she wanted to give herself a treat,
she went to the thrift store where she might find some shoes or skirts, purses, or blouses.

My other art journal page also from July 2012

It's ok she said, I don't know either.
I'm not really sure about much.

To see photos of when we saw Dredg in
2009 concert, look here.

Singing, I don't know if I've been reborn,

Lived a past life, suffered in another time,
I don't know

If I'll go somewhere special when I die
If I'll go somewhere special when I die

So I'll just go on living my way"- 
I Don't Know by 


  1. You look great! Sometimes when I need a treat, I head to the thrift store too.

  2. Love this! I need a journal page that says that! That fits me perfect! very cute. I love it.

  3. You look amazing! I loved the boots and skirt and everything, in fact! A great match, I have many brown pieces, will inspire myself on your outfit!
    The art journal is so sweet, reminded me of some of my shoes, I love red, and red shoes especially!
    Running, in 11 days I'll fly for some more months, exciting!

  4. i love your thrift store treat true! and your boots are so cute!

  5. brownish shades look lovely with your beautiful red hair. and those thrifted boots are pretty awesome too.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  6. Those boots!!! Love the art journal too. Thrifting is definitely one of the best ways to give yourself a treat. :)

  7. Fabulous finds!
    Same here Teddi! I go to thrift store and treat myself. ヅ

  8. I miss thrifting with my sister, but I moved… it's not the same alone.

  9. I love the pattern mixing in this outfit, it's so effective! We have the same kind of treat- thrift shopping :)

  10. Is this Lascaux-inspired by any chance? Go ahead and email me your photo whenever you're ready and I'll add it!

  11. amazing that all of that stuff was thrifted - especially the boots, i love those. and awesome that your mom made your earrings! xx sylvie

  12. Hello Teddi, How are you? Love the different prints in your outfit! and your journal is so inspiring! x

  13. amazing post as ever!! of course im enjoying my time here in santa fe, and a big part is because of you!! thank you!!!


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