Monday, September 10, 2012

these things i like

Making images with stars and clouds,
writing a new poem, 

Me under the shade of a tree.

sunshine, finding the perfect purse,

 My husband went shopping at the thrift store,
 and he brought home this purse, for me.

  I won my bracelet in this giveaway from Shayla Shines Designs at Dawn's blog: Suitcase Vignettes.

nailing a song on my guitar, 

My shoes are thrifted.

guessing the correct band when I hear 
a brand new song I haven't heard before,

lipstick that stays on, good hand cream,
a soft pillow under my head,

My necklace, pants, and belt are thrifted. 

unchipped nail polish on my fingers and toes,
 (that matches my outfit), 

Art Journal page
She took all the scraps
and tried to make something whole.

Art journal page where I list things I like
from 8/21/12.

writing in my journal,
Veronica Mars and SUPERNANNY,
melted butterscotch chips and Rice Chex Cereal, 
vanilla, cinnamon, and oranges scenting the air.


  1. Daisy loves Veronica Mars. We watched a few episodes together.

  2. I love your list so much and so many things about this post. Especially you! What is the "she took all the scraps" quote.... It's perfect

  3. Unchipped nail polish- amen! That first photo of you is beautiful and how sweet of your man to bring you a new purse home from the thrift store! I need to start writing poetry again, you inspire me!

  4. I also like Rice Chex, good hand lotion, and my husband theoretically going to a thrift store to pick me out something nice! I don't know if he's ever been to one without me, and I only had him come with me once... hmm. He's not really a shopper. I also like your art page about putting scraps together to make something whole!

  5. oh, how sweet of your guy to bring you that bag! :) and those shoes are really nice too. well and the bracelet you won. you sure are one lucky lady ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  6. Teddi, these shoes are amazing! I love clogs! With any heels' height! The purse is lovely, the pants and T-shirt too! But I confess, I fell in love with your shoes now!

  7. Hey Teddi! Loving what you did with the scraps of paper there- makes me feel you are a kindred spirit as I always try to use at least one scrap or recycled something in every card I make! I like your likes- I agree with lots of them!

  8. your husband went shopping at a thrift store and bought you a purse??? KEEPER!!

  9. i like wheat chex lol
    love the bag and those shoes

  10. Teddi, thanks for your cheers :) made my heart feel warmer!

    i like your shoes!!!! comfortable and stylish!

    you are so talented, that journal just makes me want to do one as well<3


  11. How cute is this journaling! I love it. Your journaling is so fun, colorful and creative.
    Thanks for your kind words on my blog :)

  12. Nice outfit girl! Clogs are great! Your husband is too cute for getting you that purse. Does he always get you things? I can't even get my husband to step foot in a thrift store. So glad you like your gift. It looks adorable on you and your nails look awesome. dawn suitcase vignettes xo


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