Wednesday, November 4, 2009

earshot 2

our 2nd time seeing earshot. I can't figure out why it was so dead both times. they are an established band, their music is good, their performance is good, but hardly anyone was there!!! they didn't even do an encore, and there were three songs left on the set list. some guys and i we were dogging on the opening bands as we were leaving. they said the first band was better than the 2nd, (which fortunately j and i avoided). 2nd band j said had multiple personalities I said no schizophrenic. they couldn't decide if they were incubus, sublime, rage against the machine, or 311.

foreigner was playing downstairs and they started at 8PM which I think is insane. Everyone was joking that it's cause they're sooo old they have to go to bed early. (ha-ha)

in any case i met a girl who i'll just call C. i changed her initial to protect the not so innocent, and the things she told me about her adventures with a certain band member from my favorite concert of the summer. she just started bartending at a bar on monday, and her boss was pimping her to promote it.

I said, Go approach those two guys! She said, What am I supposed to say?I can't just walk over there. I'll look stupid. I tell her here's what you say, "Hey you guys like t0 party? I know this really cool place." She says "Come with me, I can't do it by myself!" Yes, you can, now go over there. It'll be great! She did, and it totally was. While I stayed on the couch waiting for my band to start, thank you very much.

I also met a woman who was 20 yrs older than her guy. she wanted to have fun. he wanted to sit against the wall, textin all night, until the band played. she was talking about jordache jeans and roller skates. this was also the same woman raving about how great the opening band was. j just smiled. i kept my mouth, shut for once, and whispered in his ear "one man's trash is another man's treasure."

honestly i am grateful for the variety in this colorful interesting world, and there's something out there for everyone.

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