Sunday, June 24, 2012

3 parts green 1 part blue

It brings to my mind mermaids and the sea.
For I actually sport this color combination quite frequently.

I dream of these 3 things:
Peter Pilotto Satin and Leather Sandals

Roberto Cavalli Printed Caftan
Dolce & Gabbana Print Pants

My real life things:

Mom made the 2 green earrings.
My friend made the peace earrings.
The antique looking pair belonged to my grandma.

My cousin made the butterfly bracelet.
My mom made the bracelets on the right.
My friend made the green and black bracelet.

Mom made the heart necklace.
My cousin made the green
 and the blue butterfly necklaces. 

Some people I love:

My niece Lil Bug.
My nephew JJ, being held by his mom.
My husband took this photo.
I can't tell which twin niece this is.
I wasn't there, when my guy took this photo.
My nephew, Speed Racer
playing catch with his Dad.
My husband took this photo as well.
He's running in his backyard.
I'm not sure if I took this or my guy did.
 On my birthday in 2006
I think we used a tripod on this day.

In May I saw this. No it isn't in Texas.
We don't have mountains where I live.

In my art/music room,
3 green ribbons and 1 blue ribbon.

My art journal page

where I answered the question

If you could scream something

 at the top of your lungs right now
what would it be?

This was on June 10

Another art journal page:

The quote says: "Once you can accept that the universe as being something expanding into an infinite nothing which is something,
 wearing stripes with plaid is easy."
-Albert Einstein

This post was inspired by Daisy Yellow's Random Color Prompt


  1. I love greens and blues together, especially love the photos of the bracelets and the ribbons!

  2. You have a family of talented accessory makers Teddi! Lovely bracelets and earrings! ヅ

  3. love mermaids... I'm actually watching at this very exact moments, the mermaids scene from HOOK.. I'll never get tired of the peter pan story.
    anyway.. great quote.. I've got a bookmark on my computer with einsten's quotes.. I think the guy was way fun.. maybe in a geeky kind of way, but he was fun...just look at the hair.. that's laughs for sure.
    cool post.. thanks for sharing the journal pages..I'm curious about that art assignment you must finish.. take care!

  4. Oh how fun! i am amazed at how many different 3 green: 1 blue things you found. Well done!

  5. Those antique looking earrings are lovely :DDD

  6. These are such cool pieces! Definitely reminiscent of mermaids and the sea. :) Especially liking those printed pants, oh my!

  7. Those shoes --- Amaze balls.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. I love this colour combo- my childhood room was decorated in blue, green & yellow! Your family is so beautiful- so nice that you see them so often! I hope you're not screaming that about stopping your art journalling because we all love seeing it! :)

  9. Meepers, you have my favorite color pattern featured here! I used to have a pair of paisley shorts from Old Navy in this turquoise/blue/green palette and I loved them dearly...x

  10. those three designer pieces you wish for are truly gorgeous and I would wear them all, separately of course :P oh and I noticed your grandmother's earrings which are so beautiful and timeless! you really own some fantastic jewellery!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  11. that caftan and those pants are fabulous! and i love your birthday family photo!

  12. Hello dear Ted, I forgot girl? = P
    Definitely this color combination, remember things maritime and this collection of D & G is just too good ... I loved the bracelets and the picture is perfect in the forest ....
    I miss you friend! = *******

  13. That's a mountain I'd sure like to see. The mountains over here never have much snow on top, at least not that nice looking white top.

  14. Your pages are also so amazing and I love all your jewellery. It's so pretty

  15. Teddi your hair in the birthday photo looks amazing! And those mountains! The thing you want to scream at the top of your lungs is a strong statement. I hope it refers to something in the world as a whole (environmental degradation, spousal violence) rather than anything in your personal life...because, we care.


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