Wednesday, June 13, 2012

a paisley dress

 I won the paisley dress from this Romwe giveaway hosted by Karin at Wunderlust
Here's my dress from Romwe.

Close up of the dress fabric.
What it looks like un-tucked.

This is what I wanted the dress to resemble.
Just Cavalli Spring RTW 2012

This was my reality.
My reality did NOT match my vision.

So, I tucked the dress into my thrifted skirt.

With the headband, and without the headband.

I still like the paisley pattern,
and the lace detailing on the sleeves.

My twin nieces are two years old!

My art journal pages:
Left page was journaling outside.

 The right page is a house, I created with collage.

I wrote:  Last year I drew my dream house. Now I'll describe it: on a beach, or near the woods, away from neighbors barking dogs, away from airplanes, and trains, and noisy cars, away from children screaming, like a fairy tale cottage, gingerbread house, stone gate, or bricks, gables, high ceilings, wild flowers, ivy, stained glass, bay windows, rainbow prisms on the wall.


  1. I like your dream house description. A beach cottage sounds heavenly!

  2. I would love to live on a quiet beach (actually I'm currently in Marina del Rey for work and wouldn't mind calling here home!) The paisley print is really pretty but I agree it suits your petite figure better tucked in and I love the flower headband!

  3. i like the dress! and how excitng that you won it!!! it looks cute on you. i like it tucked in but i also like it loose.

  4. is it a tunic actually? or it just seems to be super short? :P anyway, I like the flowy effect, the beautiful pattern and colour scheme and all the details. you were so lucky to win it!
    oh and congrats to your little friends! :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. i love how you envision something and i doesn't work out. that happens to me all the time. but its looks great a shirt. very nice with the skirt!

  6. I want to learn to collage like that! It's so pretty. And the dress is very nice. It's so fun to win things.

  7. Cute pinata they got your nieces. I hope my brother doesn't get my nephews a pinata just yet, those boys are around toddler age, but I can see them causing havoc with a stick/baseball bat and perhaps trying to hard to get candy.

  8. Happy birthday to your twin nieces :)! I love the dress that you won (and didn't you win a giveaway earlier too, you have been lucky with winning) :). The print is pretty and I love the light floaty material. xx

  9. Nice :)

    I love your blog, follow eachother?

  10. It's interesting to be able to compare the Just Cavalli dress and your dress in the same post. I guess the seam at the hip of the Just Cavalli dress is important in the shape and flow of the entire dress.

  11. I love the way you chose to wear the dress! It looks nice with the skirt!
    And thanks so much for the comment on my blog! Would you like to follow each other?

  12. so amazing that you won that...I love it tucked into the skirt.

    xo erica

  13. loving the dream house... I hate my neighbors's barking dogs too!
    cool paisley print, I wrote an article about it this week, D&G got a lot of that pattern on the runway for the ss2012 collection.. you might get some more inspiratonal ideas by looking at those photos too.. here's the link to the post in case you wanna read it..;)

    take care girl!

  14. I love the journal pages that you do. I make collage jewelry that is similar to that with vintage images. You may like some of it. You can see it on my Facebook.

  15. Awww, I'm sorry it didn't match your vision! But it's a gorgeous dress all the same, and it looks adorable worn as a top. Such a dreamy print too.

    May the force be with you.

  16. I'd love a house away from all that noise, too! The shirt looks nice tucked and untucked, but I'd probably go with tucked as well. Awesome headband! :)


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