Monday, June 18, 2012

my favorite places

Remember the Romwe giveaway hosted by Karin at Wunderlust,
where  I won the paisley dress ?
I got the blouse I'm wearing,
 in that giveaway, too.

Close up of blouse fabric

One of my fave places to go is outdoor concerts.
I like it when they are free too.  :)

This is local  band Foxtrot Uniform.

I enjoy being on a blanket,
 and listening to live music.

Me on the blankets with my backpack
on one side, & my purse on the other.

My nails
This is the singer and guitar player.
Hello guitars
Yes, it was getting dark.

With my shoes off

My favorite places are with my favorite people,
my friends, my family, 
and my favorite guy.

My art journal pages about my favorite places.
Being with my nephews and my nieces,
is one of my favorite places to be.

It is especially a favorite if they let me take photos
 or we create things, or play games.

Most of my favorite vacations are on the beach. Here are some of my favorites:  My Acapulco tripMy San Franciso tripCorpus Christi 2008Our beach trip 2009, and  Beach 2011.

We loved West Palm Beach, Florida! I don't have a blog post about that trip. I'll just add it to my list of things to do. Uh huh, sure, think that'll happen?   :P


  1. looks like a great event and an awesome place where to chill and relax :) I miss concerts and have to see/hear one soon!
    oh, and you definitely were lucky to also get that beautiful blouse. congrats, Teddi!
    and let me dream about beach now...

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. :) This post makes me happy. I love your nailpolish and bracelets. I love live music (outside or inside) I need to resolve to see more of it.

  3. Very pretty blouse! I've never been to Acapulco, but it sounds nice. And fun to say!

  4. You won a dress and a blouse...lucky girl! cute nails.

    xo erica

  5. Ted my friend .. you can not imagine how much I loved these photos ... I loved loved loved it! Her blouse Pailey suits the occasion ... I love the late afternoon of festivals! I love! Your search of art is getting nicer!

  6. wow!! that's so cute and fashion!!Well done honey

  7. Nice blouse!

  8. awwww it seems like such a good/relaxing time<3 would love to do that sometime.. a nice concert, sitting on a blanket 'til is dark!

    the top you won is so cute and looks chill for the hot weather!!!


  9. Hi Teddi!

    I love live bands/concerts too! I can dance all day to the music! Well, I wish they come free more often. They usually cost some $$$ where I live. :|

    And...I think the nail colours match the floral blouse perfectly. The bracelets are matching too. :) You looked like you had alot of fun, which I am pretty sure you did! :)


  10. i love free concerts too! summer seems to bring them in our city and some of the surrounding cities. outdoor movies are fun too with the kiddos!!! i love that top you got! it's so pretty. love the florals and the easy breezy fabric! you'll have to come out to visit the Southern California beaches sometime!!!!

  11. You are such a loving aunt, Teddi!
    Your nephews and nieces are so lucky to have you :-)

    I do love going to the concerts too! I remember when my husband and I took Mr.Freddy to a concert, it was great to see how Mr.Freddy enjoyed the music too!

  12. You look lovely in that top! it seemed that you had a great day!


  13. Reminds me of the all the outdoor concerts my mom used to take me to. I never really liked country music, but thankfully they were linked up with a few different events, so we didn't have to stay for just the outdoor concert.

  14. You are winning all the giveaways! So nice! I think nice people attracts positive things :)

  15. I think that'll happen! I also put on a list the things I want to do, even if I think "unlikely"... and they happen! So, I'm waiting for your next Florida trip!
    I loved your art journal, and love the fabric of the blouse! The nails are also great, gave me a nice idea of different colors...
    You look so pretty and happy, this is great! Ah, I mentioned you today, in my blog, and the next post will go all for you (close up of the coat!)

  16. looks like you had so much fun and love the dress you got!!

  17. wow i wish i won a great dress like that. love how you painted your nails they look like skittles. And i must say your journals are awesome.

  18. Beautiful top! I love outdoor concerts too and your journal is beautiful :)

    Heel in Mint

  19. i have always wanted to go to the japanese gardens! what lovely photos! it looks like you guys do a lot of fun stuff together!

  20. Ooo, pretty fabric! Outdoor concerts are one of my favourite things in the world! Especially on these beautiful summer nights. ;) You (and your guy) look like you're havin' an awesome time, as always. :)


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