Saturday, June 16, 2012

A hint of navy, like the night

This is my interpretation of a look,
 I showed in May, in
this post .

Below is the look I tried to imitate.

Pink Pleated Jacket
Both of my blouses are thrifted.

My skirt & shoes are thrifted.

Details of pink beaded ribbon tie belt,
lace blouse & patterned blouse underneath.

My nephew Speed Racer, in navy, with his toy train.

My twin nieces in navy shorts, playing with bubbles.

My nephew JJ, in navy, sleeping sweetly.

At the art center, we saw these two art angels,
matted or painted in a navy sky.

by Jimmie Stephens
by Susan Launeypark

Some navy, in my art journal page.

It says: 
My grandma used to say actions speak louder than words, but words have always been important to me. I don't know if it's because I always considered myself a writer. If people ask me what to buy or get me as a gift I say write me a letter or make me a card. Last year for my birthday my friends wrote notes, and framed them.

These are the framed notes,
that my friends wrote to me.

I have this on my bedroom wall.

I played this song about 4-5 times today on my iPod. It's "Ain't Even Done With The Night" by John Mellencamp
The lyrics aren't brilliant, but the music is incredible. 

"Ain't Even Done With The Night" by John Mellencamp

Well our hearts beat like thunder
I don't know why they don't explode
You got your hands in my back pockets
And Sam Cooke's singin' on the radio
You say that I'm the boy who can make it all come true
Well I'm tellin ya that I don't know if I know what to do

You say that's all right, hold tight
Well I don't even know if I'm doin' this right...
We can stay out all day or we can run around all night...

Well it's time to go home
And I ain't even done with the night

Well I don't know no good come-ons
And I don't know no cool lines
I feel the heat of your frustration
I know it's burnin you up deep down inside...


  1. Nice finds! Thrifting is the way to go. Love the framed notes from friends, that is so special! Hope you're doing well Teddi. :)


  2. great photos, love everything!

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  3. Hello Ted! Yesterday I could not comment on your blog ... is in trouble! But today I am here, as it is ...? I love your shirt! ... The pictures of the children are always brilliant .. and I love your art book ... oh Ted wanted to tell you some things .... =)

  4. Very nice :)

  5. I love your grandma's words. They are so true!x

  6. oh i love your face expressions dear! i love your top <3 your twin nieces are too cute to be true ;D those paintings are amazing xx

    Letters To Juliet

  7. ah playing with bubbles, such a great childhood game. I remember getting the giant wand and being amazed by it when I was three.

  8. I love that you use looks for inspiration. I'm simply not that motivated. I love the beads on that blouse and that adorable skirt. You look great!

  9. your nieces and nephews are so cute! just stumbled upon your blog. hope you visit mine :)

    love from NYC,


  10. love the blouses super cute look

  11. Nice blouse Teddi! Your outfit can be worn as a corporate attire! ϡ

    I love your nieces' jump shots! So cute! ϡ

  12. The lace top is beautiful ! I like how you play with transparences !

  13. oh how cute are those two tops together! I love girly tops embellished with lace, pearls and so on. you've definitely done a great job with the look! ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  14. cute! lace is one of my best friends this summer<3

    nice song there! ;)

    have a great Father's Day

  15. Congrats on your win Teddi darling. Hey I love what you did with your friends notes. Genius. You are too cute in your photos and I love your hair color...dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  16. I just tried to leave u a message but I don't think it went through. Anyway, I love what you did with your friend's notes...genius. Also, you are too cute Teddi. Love your hair. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  17. You look lovely, Ted!! And your nephews are just tooooo adorable!! Love em! Great words to be put on your wall room. ;) Couldn't agree more!

    MLU the blog.

  18. I loved the lace outfit, and the pearl belt, amazing! Cause I simply looove pearls! And com'on, your "reality" is great! I loved that outfit! Also your nephews and nieces, they are all sooo cute!
    I love words too, but your grandma was right. Attitudes or actions are really important. I'm in such a situation now. Observing how someone acts, and I must say, although the words are lovely, I'm not liking the actions... I thought of that when I read what you wrote - or what your grandma said!

  19. Ted Ted! You found it very seriously .. no comment ... in my blog?
    Are you okay?? is always so happy ... what's going on friend?

  20. The fairy paintings are really lovely :D

  21. lovely finds, I like to thrift once in a few weeks because you can always find one of a kind items!!

  22. I like this layered look and of course the lace involved :)

  23. I like your version better! The lace is so pretty!

  24. lovely lace top <3
    thanks for commenting on my blog honey, would you like to follow each other?

  25. Wow, the entire outfit is thrifted! Good job, girl! I like thrifting too, but I am not always lucky.

    Love the look, you did well on the inspiration. :)


  26. i love that not only is your outfit "matching" with that picture but so is your pose!!! you look lovely as always. great layering! and how cute are your nieces and nephews!!! i love looking into your journal as well!

  27. That's such a sweet idea! I never thought about framing a note for someone. I think words can definitely say a lot, especially when they express a simple, but profound sentiment. I still keep a shoebox in my closet of all my favourite cards and notes from over the years, just 'cause a couple thoughtful words can mean so much. :) Beautiful outfit and photos, as per usual!


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