Sunday, June 10, 2012

it's a brown thing

You've seen these thrifted pants here before.
My blouse is also thrifted. I like that it's brown lace.

...moving, rippling with ornately patterned puddles: a diamond, a tapestry, star-crossed lovers, a wrinkle in time. It was beautiful... from book Love Will Tear Us Apart by Sarah Rainone

My mom made the necklace & bracelet you see.

My mom also made the middle silver
 and brown bracelet.
When I bought this thrifted purse,
I didn't notice the Tommy Hilfiger  label.
I wonder if it's real or fake. 

Here's some recent art my guy and I saw.

by Gladys Poorte 
 by Gladys Poorte.
by Gladys Poorte 

Here's my art journal pages
 using collage, paint, colored pencils drawings.
The words on the right page are lyrics
from the song "Wounded" by Third Eye Blind.

"Wounded" video by Third Eye Blind

from book Love Will Tear Us Apartby Sarah Rainone

...But how could I have expected them to remember that? They weren't like me, marking every occasion not with words spoken, but with the music that drowned them out...
from book Love Will Tear Us Apart by Sarah Rainone


  1. love this post and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  2. I also have a thrifted Tommy bag that I'm not sure is real, but I like it and use it! And yes, it's definitely not summery in my neck of the woods!

  3. Oh wooow, those paintings are breathtaking!

  4. Hey ! Your mom seems to do beautiful jewelries, lucky you !!!

  5. I love that whimsical art work and everyone in your family is so talented with jewellery making! I really like that brown lace top- I have a very similar one except it's tunic length!

  6. well, the logo/name looks pretty real but the bag doesn't remind me of TH though maybe it's a vintage one from many many years ago.. it should have signs inside the bag as well. oh and your top reminds me of one I own. it's also brown and kind of lacy :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  7. Your art journal is so cool!!

  8. "The Adventures of Teddi" - I love it! Especially the teddy bear drawings. ;) And the brown lace is awesome - very unique!

  9. I think my girlfriend has a similar shirt/blouse. Except the material's a bit more thin.

  10. you look so romantic and summery in your lace shirt! and i always love seeing your journal pages. you are so creative!

  11. Love your art journal I bet there is a lot of stories in there :)

  12. I love your jeans, did you add the bottom part? So pretty! Also, I love your style of art journaling! <3

  13. Brown is one of my favorite color, I think its easy combined with everything... and like always I'm loving your art journal...

  14. Some gorgeous pieces here! I love looking at art. :)

  15. Hi Teddi!
    Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving a kind comment.
    I love the look of your blog and your awesome jewelry! The leather braided bracelet is also super cool.
    I'm a big thrifter too so it's fun to see what others are drawn too when they share their finds!
    xx tj

  16. Love the nail color and those amazing paintings!

  17. I love the bag and the first picture! Gorgeous!

    With love, Kirsten

  18. Hello Ted! Your search for collages and paintings are increasingly andor gorgeous .. and I'm a fan of him .. I loved their bracelets ... and your purse is too much ... I love Tommy! =)
    You're gorgeous hair!

  19. Hi Teddi, the bracelet your mom made is amazing!!!
    and the journal overview!!! so cute! :D

    as to my hair... a couple of weeks and I'll post some pics from my holidays and you'll see :D

  20. I like the lace details on your shirt :)

  21. I've never seen this before, but I like how the cuffs on your jeans match your top. Cool!


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