Wednesday, June 20, 2012

on the blue highway

Today I felt like showing old photos you may or may not have seen these before.
Me at the Japanese Gardens in 2008
Me and my guy
I sure do miss these leopard print shoes.
I ruined them when I wore them to the beach in Acapulco. I'm still searching for a replacement pair.

Yes, these were all taken on the same day in August of 2008.

Now I'm gonna mix things up with some blue runway looks I like.

Antonio Marras 2012 Spring RTW 

Antonio Marras 2012 Spring RTW
Peter Som 2012 Spring RTW

Then I'll throw in some blue art journal pages.
It says: At the airport,
I sketched my guy waiting,
 at the baggage carousel.

On May 30, 2012,
we were tired and hungry.

art journal page 2

It says: Now which part of your face
 will you show today?

art journal page 3
It says: I will NOT be defined by someone else's
expectations or perceptions or limitations.

Now I'll end this post with one of my favorite 
Billy Idol songs. It's one great driving song!

The first 11 seconds of the video are weird, but then it shows Billy Idol images while the music plays. I couldn't find a decent concert video, that didn't sound bizarre.

I found several different lyric versions of this song.
So, I'm sharing a combination of the one I like: 

...Oh the sons from mars on their stolen guitars.

...Some sweet mask
...The sun's for miles
...Its kind of a bitter risk 
...Out to ride the night
...On the blue highway


  1. I love the quote on your last piece of art journal! Plus leopard print sandals- adorable!!! Looks like a fun day- one you'll have to recreate with your man!

  2. Wow! You are seriously talented in art. I love the sketch about your guy at the airport. I wish I can draw that well. Impressed! :)
    Love your blue-themed post.
    Hope you can find a nice pair of leopard print shoes soon. My only pair is being worn to death (almost) and I have to be very careful in them from now on.


  3. Cool Japanese garden, I've been hoping to go the actual country someday. I've even been learning the language for almost a year now. Here's how you would spell your name テディ

  4. You are such an artist!!! :)
    I love Japanese gardens <3

  5. there are So many fun leopard print shoes out there right now, you should take advantage! :) I love the 2nd blue runway look you posted, cute design!

    The House of Shoes

  6. your selection of the trip photos looks so cool and actually makes me miss Crete island. I have been there twice but still want to go back :) btw, where were those actually taken?
    those blue runway ensembles are gorgeous too. I like the peplum-like effect.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  7. Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog! These art journals are awesome :)

    xo Shane

  8. thats a nice japanese garden! and hope you find another pair of leopard shoes!

  9. ok I love Billy Idol. Listened to his tape in the 80's, yes I said tape until it became worn out. Your art journal and skills are seriously great! Anyway back to Billy, I was totally, secretly in love with him because he was a rebel and hot. Hope things are well with you Teddi. Just trying to keep cool over here in Jersey. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  10. peter som! cool look!
    and loving the sketch of your "guy" (amusing to read you call him that way)waiting for luggage.. haha funny...thanks for all the moral support.. sometimes I still get really down..due to "love" aghh... anyway.. other days I'm fine.. like today.. don't know what I dreamt but I'm in a great mood.. that's weird for me...xoxo

  11. Lovely post Teddi ! Oh and those leopard shoes were so cool, I understand why you miss them ! I hate it when some great pair of shoes gets ruined and I keep finding a replacement ;)
    Thank you for your sweet comment, when you wanna visit the sea in Italy you are welcome here ! :-D
    I'd love to visit Texas, and I must confess you one of my dreams is to go to one of those texan music clubs when you dance in line, I have only seen those in movies and I am so curious, LOL, now you can make fun of me, haha ! If I come to Texas can we go together ? :-))
    I loved Billy Idol when I was younger, and today Hot in the City is the right song for me, it's so warm ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies

  12. Great tune, and I will not let myself be defined that way either.

  13. what cool pictures! i love that waterfall and your journal is always so much fun to peak at!!! i love blue but never seem to wear it. those are cute outfits!

  14. Teddi, you have such a gift for pulling art, fashion and music together! It's always inspiring! And I hope you find another pair of leopard skin sandals. They're gorgeous. :)

    Don't worry about not having anything for the zine. I don't want people to think they *have* to submit something if they read my blog. It's just open for anyone who feels inspired by the theme. :)

  15. Great post!! Love Japanese gardens!


  16. Love that sketch at the airport! Have a great weekend, Teddi!

  17. We love it! All the blue is so perfect for Summer!

    ox from NYC!


  18. I love to see your art journal ! Blue is my favorite color, did you know that ?!

  19. i nice ride down memory lane
    still in love with your journal

  20. I loved the pictures taken in 2008! You look always gorgeous! And what I most love is your art journal! And that sentence about expectations, perceptions or limitations is FANTASTIC! I may paint something like that too, because it is simply amazing! I loved it!
    The lyrics are also deep, I love to read the lyrics at the end of your posts!
    Do you wxhibit your paintings? They are great! (But well, I am sure you hear this all the time!)


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