Monday, June 25, 2012

in the parking lot

I know it's not exactly the best place to take photos, but we were on our way to see live music.

My tie dyed skirt is thrifted.

Today is still Monday for 12 more minutes.
Therefore, I'm linking up to Two Birds Boutique.

This is the inspiration outfit they chose.
It's actress Michelle Tractenberg.
I've mentioned I like her character Georgina from  the TV show Gossip Girl before, in this old post.

To see how others were inspired by this outfit,
 look at 
Inspiration Monday.

My blouse is thrifted.

I won this shoe from  LuLu's
 in this giveawayat Maria's blog
Little Tree Vintage.

My guy's shadow in this photo,
 is my favorite.

I won this necklace from  Vivi Dot   
 in this giveaway at Melissa's blog
Bubby and Bean.

My mom made the wood bracelet,
and the purple bracelet.

This local band Luke Wade and No Civilians
is who we saw last night.

art journal pages

I drew and painted this
 from one girl image,
 that I saw on a book cover.

It says: Interesting how the same image can change in how you see it it, interpret it, express all the feelings, colors, all on the same day. It's almost like she's aging right in front of us.

It says: I should be making a difference.
That's what my 9th grade self wanted.
It's what my college self intended.
It's still something to strive for.

It says: In May, on the couch, I sketched  my nephew JJ, while he slept.
I sketched his twin sister,
while she sat on the floor playing.
She and her sister move around often
It's difficult to catch them being still.


  1. love this dress and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  2. Love your shoes and thrifted tie-dye! Your art pages are so moving. I love looking at them. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. wow, Teddi, you're definitely one lucky lady! how many giveaways have you won already?
    and how pretty are those shoes! I like the happy summery colours. and I still wish we had that warm weather here in Estonia too since it's quite sad to wear sweaters all summer long :P

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. i love your i should be making a difference true!

  5. Tie dyed skirt, very fun :) like all the vibrant colours in the outfit.

  6. the dress is increibleee.... and like always your art journal, amazing..

  7. Your look is perfect for live music! I love your faces, You know how much I love drawing faces too :)

  8. i LOVE the skirt!! and those shoes are soo cute!! very summer :)

    Check me out!

  9. I love that the skirt is tye-dyed! Perfect to wear to an outdoor concert!

  10. Love the making the difference quote. I think sometimes I forgot that I can still want the same things I did when I was younger.

  11. Cool tie-dye skirt, brings back memories of when I made my own tie-dye shirt in school.

  12. wow wow wowwww the shoes are GORGEOUS!!!!!! color-blocking = summer approved :)

    i admire your good taste in music and art! keep showing us Teddi!


  13. I love the tiedye and the gold nails plus those shoes are fab! Sometimes the shadow of my man taking the photo is in the pic- so cute! Great that you're so close to your fam but like me don't get to see them very often (usually 2/yr for me!) :( Ah well good to keep them close at heart!

  14. You do make a difference :)
    I really, really love those shoes. How many live bands do you think you see on average?

  15. Your art is so beautiful! I am blown away by it every time!

  16. Ooooh ! this tie and dye is fantastic ! And I love how you layered it with the blouse !

  17. love the tie-dye.. love the journal pages, especially the cover, the one with the faces.. I often dwell in that idea.. "i should be making a difference" or at least "something useful!"... I punish myself a lot for that you know.. for not being productive or giving back something to the world, to nature, to the cosmos, to one person at least...
    anyway.. in answer to your comments.. gauguin I really like and yeah, I do own a copy of the last painting I posted, called "area area".. but haven't seen the original work... still the colors are amazing.. and his life, have you read his autobiography?.. I relate a lot to him.. and of course he was kind of a grouchy guy (like me)... must watch run lola run!.. I ADORE franka potente, I don't know if it's the name or her character in born identity but she's a badass.. Run Lola Run is one of those movies you can either hate or love... keep me posted if you do watch it..xoxo

  18. Those shoes are totally hot! I hope you had a pleasant time at the local concert. Those faces in your art journal are kind of spooky, it's beautiful.

    May the force be with you.

  19. I loved your skirt and SHOES! Also amazing, your family is so talented, producing bracelets, earrings and you with the amazing art journal... I can't believe the grades you told me - for me they are fabulous works!
    I particularly love this one you showed now!
    And of course you know, the ones who grade it have one perception, but other people have different ones - so of course you know, the value of it is not the grade, but what you think of them!
    I love your work!

  20. I LOVE the Vivi Dot necklace on you! So glad you won it. :)

  21. I love your shoes, they're gorgeous! :)

  22. Your turquoise top is so preeeeeeettty!!!!!! The shadow is kinda creepy!!!

  23. Awwww SO cute, what a lovely post as usual girl! xo

  24. Teddi, I am just catching up on your amazing posts. I am so captured by your art, your eye for other artist's work and how you incorporate fashion and family into the mix. I love Michele M's work. Collage/mixed media art speaks to my soul. Anyway, your new shoes are adorable and they make your pedicure look gorgeous. dawn suitcase vignettes xo


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