Tuesday, February 28, 2012

for marla

I got an award from Marla at The Cat's Meow
Asking for 11 facts.

Fact 1
These are the shoes I wore today.

Fact 2
This is the purse I used today.

Fact 3
This was my most recent gift from a friend.

Fact 4
This is how my nails look today.
Fact 5
These are the earrings I wore today.
Fact 6
This is what I looked like today, without make-up.

Fact 7
I spend more time with my guy than anyone else.

Fact 8
When I took ceramics over 3 yrs. ago,
someone in class made this, & didn't like it.
So she gave her plate to me.
I still like it.

Fact 9
One of my current art journal pages.

Fact 10
Gossip Girl  is the last thing I watched on television.
I like Georgina.
Fact 11
This is the last song I listened to on my iPod.
I may have played it on repeat 5 times or more.


I think that I'm bigger
Than the sound
I think that I'm bigger
Than than the sound...
She'll take on high
She'll take on high-igh"...Cheated Hearts by Yeah Yeah Yeahs 

Here's my answers to the questions Marla asked me.
1. My collections are found here.
2. My favorite color is midnight blue.

7. I would rather see a Unicorn than Bigfoot.
8. My favorite movie is Pretty in Pink  My post about it is 
9.  No, I do NOT have any pets.
        I like animals when I don't have to take care of them.
10. I have so many allergies I can't keep track.
       They change all the time.
11. I speak English.  I do know some Spanish, &
American Sign Language, but I'm not fluent in either of those.

The End.  :)


  1. Haha, I love that you wrote about things from your day! I tend to go the other route and attempt bein' introspective. Oy. ;)

    Love Pretty in Pink! And The Breakfast Club, of course. ;)

  2. Same here, I'd rather spend more time with my husband and Mr.Freddy. I never get bored with him. They are my happiness.

    I like your shoes, by the way.

  3. I just listened to that song. Very pretty! And I quite like your nails too.

  4. yay, such a lovely post! I like the way you've written down the facts and illustrated those with photos. really good idea ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. I just found your blog and I really like the way you write and congrats on your award too! You look good without makeup too!


  6. Gorgeous nails!! i really want to be able to do mine like that! Aimee

  7. I want to get stuck into gossip girl, I have a whole series on my computer that I need to watch! I love the nail polishes and what you nails look like today. I want to try some crackle effect nail polish :) xx

  8. thanks for the interesting facts about you, you put it in such a fun way! I like your art journal! The gossip girl looks like a great TV show to watch. Haha...your friend didn't like the plate she made and gave it to you? Hmmm...I wonder. You're a very good wife! Lucky guy...yohoo...


  9. I ADORE that checkerboard purse of yours! And that latest creation in your art journal is fantastic. All those colors are so beautiful! And oh my goodness, I just watched Pretty in Pink! It's definitely a good one. I just think that guy's a terrible kisser, that's my only problem with it.


  10. Your art is gorgeous! I love how colorful it is! And gossip girl, oh man, guilty pleasure.

  11. Love this! Your nails look really amazing! :)

    ox from NYC!


  12. love pretty in pink as well!
    ..and didn't know you spoke a little bit of spanish.. you can practice with me!.. gracias por tu comments en mi post de neon.. stay cool!

  13. Loved the shoes, bag, earrings and you without makeup! As for me, I posted something exactly about makeup today :)
    Great plate too, sometimes things people don't like are what we love the most!
    Great answers too, and I identified myself with many!

  14. amazing post!! very cute style!
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  15. aww thanks for your comment teddi!! i love you too!! I really can't say a big enough THANK YOU for all your help, on friday I have a very important exam, ENGLISH!! And thanks to the blog, and your corrections, I've lernt so much!! On that, depends if I go or not to Santa Fe!! Crossing Fingers!!

    Hey, i need a tutorial about you nail polish!!!! i really love it!!!!


  16. interesting! love your crackled nails and your recent gift from a friend.. see? i'm a nail art addict :)

    i also love the artwork you did<3 talented teddi!

    one kiss,

  17. oohhh, i love Gossip Girl! and that plate is pretty cool. you scored! those booties are adorable. i'm coveting them!!!


  18. it´s fantastic the way you express yourself here.

  19. I love Gossip Girl! Now I wish I did my 11 things as a photo post this is great :)

  20. super cute!! wow!amazing pics!!

    IF U WANT TO VISIT MY BLOG STREET CHIC http://chicstreetchoc.blogspot.com/
    U CAN ALSO FIND ME ON FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/pages/Street-Chic/126609910754628

  21. You know teddi, I really love your random 'theme' posts. You always find such a great range of items and music and oh gosh it's just great. That and it tells me a lot about you at the same time :) I really hope you have been well lady! And as always thank you for your lovely comments on the blog. I'll stop by again soon xo

  22. I LOVE IT!
    IF U WANT TO VISIT MY BLOG STREET CHIC http://chicstreetchoc.blogspot.com/
    U CAN ALSO FIND ME ON FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/pages/Street-Chic/126609910754628

  23. I love quizzes. I also like ridiculous games like thinking of what you would feed the Queen of England if she came over for cocktails and appetizers. Or something equally useless to discuss with my best friend.



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