Friday, May 18, 2012

pink lovelies

These pink things delight me.
70's White Lace vest
V Neck Blouse
Antonio Marras 2012 Spring RTW
Angelo Marani 2012 Spring RTW
Angelo Marani 2012 Spring RTW

Peasant Blouse
Pink Pleated Jacket

I get to see my twin nieces in 5 days.
How cute are they?
My niece EJ likes apples. 
My friend's zebra print birthday cake.

My friends

My friend's little girl.
My friend's other little girl, with her daddy.

My friend's sister & her son.
More of my friends

And where was I? Behind the camera. I didn't realize there weren't any photos of me, until I got home.

 You know what I look like already, anyway.
I mean this blog is full of photos of me.
Maybe you need a little break of that, right? ;)

Another Art Journal page
It says: My crafty obsessions
 are paint and pens.

Hope you have a delightful weekend!


  1. Miss Teddi.. I love the pink lace dress.... I had the lace vest made from curtains.. and I love love love the zebra stripped cake... that happens to be the fabrics I am working with right now... and you have some good friends there.... blessed indeed.... Hugs

  2. we never get sick of seeing you, teddi! but your family and friends are adorable!!

  3. I usually love hot pink - the hotter the better - but have been drawn towards blush as of late. I hope I'm not getting soft in my old age!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Teddi!

  4. Aww so cute playing in the basket, I remember when I was young I had a huge fortress comprised of 100 rolls of duct tape and card board boxes

  5. I absolutely love those Angelo Marani dresses and would totally take them for the summer. if I had the chance, of course. btw, you should put together an outfit inspired by this post, and then share it ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  6. your nieces are sooo cute. thanks for all the cute pics! hope you have a lovely weekend as well!

    Glass of Fashion

  7. what a cool zebra cake! and i'm loving that lace vest and the animal print outfit. you have such adorable nieces!!!

    BTW, i wanted to keep ALL those old navy shoes, but will probably return 2 pairs. i know, so bad that i'm keeping soooo many of them!!! i just can't help it! they're so cute and inexpensive!

  8. Such a beautiful art journal page! I love the color combination! :)

    (And the cake look delicious, yumm!!)

  9. Angelo Marani Collection looks awesome! :)

  10. I love the layers of lace and flowers in the first picture !

  11. i love the Antonio Marras dress, it's so pretty but kind of edgy at the same time. It's always nice to see a blogger and their friends & family on a blog. I mean where else can you get that? Keep snapping away Teddi!

  12. i love the cream cardigan by antonio marras, so lovely! the zebra birthday cake looks fantastic and delicious. your nieces are too cute to be true <3 nice to know that your obsession increases your creativity, keep it up! xx

  13. I hate being the camera person at times myself. You never get many of yourself at places but you never realize it until you get them on your PC.

  14. I loved the photos of your friends! Ted I love the romantic essence of Antonia Marras ... women are so feminine!
    And his book is very good for me .... I want one! =))
    Ted could you draw me?

  15. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. Lovely post Teddi.

  16. I love the peasant blouse and jacket, wannnt!

  17. lol pics at olive garden so yummy. and i love the outfits!

  18. Ooo, those textures are so lovely! I really enjoy the photos you post of little children. They're a nice break from lookin' at stern-faced models. ;)


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