Friday, May 25, 2012


I got this something idea from Katja at Maedchenmitherz.

Here's something I wore Thursday.
My cousin made my earrings.
My polka dot blouse is thrifted.
 I wore this blouse before, here.

Something I enjoy is spending time
with this cousin. 

  I saw her on Thursday.
She is the cousin that makes jewelry.

The pink thing in my hand is the leash of my mom's dog. 

My cousin made the small peace sign bracelet, the guitar charm bracelet, and the black & silver beaded bracelet. 

My cousin also made this bracelet.
This is my mom's dog Ellie Bee.
I also wore this thrifted purse.

Something I enjoy is looking at my mom's flowers.
These flowers in my mom's front yard.
Here's some more of my mom's flowers.
Something that makes me happy is
the relationship
 between my nephew,
 Speed Racer, and my mom.

My mom & nephew kissing.

It looks like Speed Racer
is taking his grandma for a walk.

Notice the mountains in the background.

 My mom and Speed Racer,
are sitting on my nephew's front porch.

Wishing you a  happy Friday
 with all your favorite somethings! :)


  1. I'm back after some chaotic phase! Now relaxed in my own flat, with space for my things and no trips to London!
    I loved the bracelets!!!! Your cousin is very talented! And your mom and Speed Racer are so cute together!The mountains are beautiful! What for a lovely post!
    Thanks for your support when I was confused - well, still ma, hahaha, but definitely not tired of rushing to buses and so on! Have a great weekend!

  2. Your bracelets are the kind of things I love to watch !!!

  3. Teddi, I am so in love with that peace symbol bracelet !
    The pics of your mum and nephew are precious, those two are so close and it's very cute <3
    I wish you a wonderful weekend my friend ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies

  4. Hello Ted! If cousin has a lot of talent to make bracelets ... I loved the color of your hair is red .. looks more alive you just pintra Ted! = P

    I loved the landscape behind the photograph of his mother with his nephew ... seems to be a beautiful place!
    great weekend Ted!

  5. i very much like the peace sign bracelet. it was cute and so is you nephew! i just love kids. they are too funny.

  6. what a lovely post in my Saturday morning when I'm still in bed but have SO MUCH to do before going to Prague on Monday :P
    all the bracelets are fabulous! and I'm in love with the dog. her eyes are so friendly and cute and sweet and.. alright, I just love dogs! :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  7. Lovely photos! I wish I have a talented jewelry maker cousin like yours! ;)

  8. Your mum and your nephew's relationship looks beautiful! :) It's nice when family is close like that..

    I love the jewellery your cousin made you too, she is very talented & it's so cool that you get those custom pieces of jewellery. xx

  9. Teddi it's clear you come from a tight-knit family and it's nice you have an appreciation of those relationships. This is a very nice set of photos.

  10. great combinations and new proposals

  11. great this bracelets honey, i love them!!
    have a great day honey!


  12. nice polcadot top dear, cant believe that it's thrifted.. the peace sign bracelet is awesome. those flowers are indeed beautiful <3 xx

    Letters To Juliet

  13. thanks for suggesting lauren conrad's series i just bought them to read on the beach.

  14. Ah you lucky to have the mountains in the background, looks beautiful!!! Nothing but flat here on the east coast

  15. My nephew takes my mom for a walk too. One day he will get too fast for her

  16. You have such a nice connection with your family- your cousin makes beautiful jewellery and I love your Mum`s flowers! I hope you have a great Memorial weekend Teddi!

  17. I wish I wore one of those outfits as well, I like your bracelets.

  18. The photos of your mom and nephew together are priceless! I wish I had beautiful mountains like that to gaze upon. ;)

    The jewelry is so awesome! I love that your cousin made it and that you wrote about her on here. :)

  19. OOH I LOVE all your black & white bracelets!!. Especially the one with peace sign. Ellie Bee is just too cute. Are you living in Salt Lake city?. I love the city, visited four times in the course of 12 years, maybe. Hugs.


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