Thursday, May 3, 2012

reading glasses

I have had reading glasses
 since September of 2011.

No, they are NOT prescription glasses.They are just magnifiers, because I'm getting old.

I only wear my glasses when I read things with smaller print.
 I do read quite a bit.
I use my glasses when I read books.
or ingredients lists, & labels.

This is me at my city library.

Notice the Texas flag,
the city flag, &
a U.S.A. flag.

Today I'm linking up to
Thursdays are for Thrifters

My skirt and shoes are thrifted.

Can you see what the wind did to my hair?

My purse & blouse are thrifted.

...She loved the process of finding a book through rational process, only to open the pages and be caught in the memories of the person she had been when she first read it....
from Joy for Beginners by Erica Baurmeister 

Here I'm trying to show
that the hemline,
of my skirt, is asymmetrical.

...up to the see the ceiling covered in a mosaic of glittering blues and yellows, a universe made of glass. She had never seen anything like it and it made her stop awestruck, wishing only that memories were solid objects that you could carry with you...from Joy for Beginners by Erica Baurmeister 

Here I'm trying to show the heart print on the blouse.

Another art journal page
 That is my meaning of spring.
My drawing of a tree,  
from who knows when.

...As if to mirror the process going on inside,
she had been overwhelmed
with an almost desperate need to purify her life-

plowing through the closets and shelves of her house, cleaning out fashions she no longer cared about or fit into, books she never intended to read;

odd condiments and dusty spice used once years ago. It was, in a strange way, like going back to the girl she had once been, who was strong, and spare and didn't have things. Or maybe it was just that if you didn't have things, they couldn't be taken away...
from Joy for Beginners

by Erica Baurmeister


  1. I love how you mixed prints with the top and the skirt, and I love the colour of your tights! I don't wear glasses yet but I use the computer so much I swear I'm destroying my eyes and probably will have to in the near future xo

  2. Teddi, your posts are always so original and artistic ! Love them :) What a beautiful skirt, I like it so much and I think you get the best things at thrifting ! My hair get the same treatment as yours with wind...the worst thing happens when I am wearing lipgloss and I get stains all over my face cause of the hair LOL.
    I am short sighted so I often wear glasses, and if I am not wearing glasses I am wearing contacts (well, in my blog posts I have contacts all the time) when I will start having other eyesight problems it's gonna be funny ! I like glasses, anyway, for me they are a fashion accessory :-) I love my cat eye glasses !
    Many kisses and thank you for your sweet comments...they always make my day !

    Fashion and Cookies

  3. Gah! You're so talented. And I'm in love with those tights and that skirt. Seriously!

  4. I think I'm going to need glasses when I'm older I spend too much time looking at something thats 2 feet infront of my face

  5. Hi Teddi,
    That books sounds wonderful. I'm going to look for that one! It reminds me a little bit of The Happiness Project. January was all about cleaning up and clearing out.

  6. well Ms Teddi, you're not the only one with eye glasses I wear them too, in fact I am thinking of wearing them permanently, haha...also to cover my dark circles so that I don't need to put on too much make up. What a sweet outfit, I like the mix of print! Yes I see the cute heart print, it looks fabulous with the striped skirt!


  7. We love your eclectic touch in your outfit, Teddy bear!! The colors scream out summer already! ;) Keep your chicness and keep inspiring!

    PS: Check out our new second DIY tutorial series to add your spring inspiration! ;)

    MLU the blog.

  8. Give it a decade, and I'll be wearing reading glasses too. I can already feel the computer and TV glow ripping my eyes apart.

  9. What a great mix of prints and colors ! I have the same kind of glasses as you !

  10. I also love the heart print of your blouse. and I like those thrifted shoes as well. btw, in my opinion glasses can be totally fashionable when they're meant for you. I don't need glasses but almost everyone around me has them :P and I have tryed on several pairs, hehe.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  11. Teddi, you always make me so happy when you stop by! Looking precious again sweetie:)

  12. How beautiful those quotes are! Wahey, we both rocked rainbowy skirts for Thursday are for thrifters! Yours is so pretty- it looks like it is lovely floaty fabric!
    The hair made me giggle!

  13. Ted .. I did not know ... you wore glasses! = P
    But I love ... I also use! =))

    I loved the photography books .. is so intellectual!

  14. Hey! Love your tree and appreciate that the font on your blog is big. I don't use reading glasses, but I should. I wrote down the name of the book and am hopeful my local library will have it.

  15. great the thrifted pieces of your look
    Looks super great
    have a nice and stylish weekend darling
    come and say Hi
    The Dolls Factory

  16. I love your assymetrical skirt- the stripes and colours are adorable and the pic of you holding the books looks like it's out of a mag! I've been wearing prescription glasses since I was 8, I pretty much wear contacts every day now

  17. loving that striped skirt. like your mixed prints too!

  18. Hi Teddi one more great post...
    I use glasses since my 20... from college time... to see far away...
    Like your purse... :)

  19. you are definitely not getting old! love your hair color, and i'm sorry i don't comment as much as i should. life is just too crazy now. love all the color!

  20. You sure know how to find cute things at the thrift! I visit my local thrift often but usually for least thats what they ring my items up as :) I recently tried thrifting outfits and by jove I love it! However your thrift store seems to have much cuter shoes than mine ;)


  21. Beautiful skirt! I love how you always integrate lyrics and quotes into your posts. I usually look the band or book up if I haven't heard of them, so thank you! :)


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