Sunday, May 27, 2012

on wednesday

I wish I wore 1 of these 4 outfits.
PPQ Spring 2012 RTW

PPQ Spring 2012 RTW

Balmain 2012 Spring RTW
Just Cavalli 2012 Spring RTW

However, what I actually wore,
 was a t-shirt & jeans.
Yes, that's me with my eyes closed again.

My niece EJ is fully posing for the camera.

That's my guy with his mom,
 at the airport.

My guy's dad carried my luggage.

Yes, he's nice like that.

I took this photo of my niece Lil bug.

I could have held my nephew JJ for hours,
but I didn't.

I drew this on the plane.

It says: This spring I will finish
my assignment, & go on a trip.

I ate homemade, by my guy, soup.
I didn't eat this exact asparagus soup.
This photo was from a couple weeks ago.
 On Wednesday I ate cauliflower soup

Yes, my life is oh, so exciting.
Yes, I'm being sarcastic. 


  1. Art, baby time, and home-made soup sound pretty good to me! I had some baby time a few days ago and I'm still hanging on to that happy and warm feeling.

  2. that's how i feel almost all the time my life is so not exciting but sill always a very enjoyable day! hey at least you got on a plane. the last time i went on a plane was when i was very young and don't remember it too well so that's exciting.

  3. love all of those runway looks!

  4. Your niece and nephew are so cute! :) I love the print of the shirt in the first outfit, it's so pretty! xx

  5. I wish I had that third blouse *swoon*! Xox <3

  6. oh I would totally wear the first and the fourth outfit.. *dreaming*
    and I hope you'll get your dream trip already soon because you're definitely worth it! :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  7. I've actually never flown on a plane before. Miss Daisy has several times, and she reminds me of my also "exciting" life so far. I hope to save enough dough to visit Japan one day. Ironic that my first flight will probably be halfway around the world and probably maddening long

  8. I always feel the same way, I see all these awesome outfits I wish I were wearing, when in reality I'm in sweats haha! love that last runway look.

    The House of Shoes

  9. what a beautiful drawing ! in every artwork you make, we can feel your passion !

  10. I wish I am wearing one this outfits too, the details are beautiful, the print, the sparkly embellishments. And I wish I have legs that looong too. It's lovely to see your family pictures, it's great to have a closely knitted family. And that is a cool way to spend your time on the plane, do your journal, you are inspiring me to start a journal as well!


  11. the jeans are fun in those runway pics you posted, totally you! as for the soup picture, I always find I post things way after they happen so it's all good!

  12. love the sarcasm haha... and the balmain! who could not want to slip into those amazing ensembles..I'm nuts over that fashion house, did you see the details in fall's collection?
    anyway.. thanks for the comment and remembering me when you saw that fellow shaved head gal... I haven't seen a single girl with that haircut here where I live.. to me, that's exciting.. as soon as I see one, I'm choping it all off!

  13. I love the 3rd look!

    xoxo Sootjeelina

  14. Well you entertained me so it can't be that boring!!! Lovely Teddi, I am so sorry I didn't visit you last week after your nice comments! I hope you are well! That first shirt is amazing!

  15. Great outfits and this looks like fun!


  16. Teddy you are so funny! I love how you make your post like little stories in to your mind :)

  17. Mmm asparagus soup- yum! Love the 3rd outfit and what a sweet niece! Looks like a wonderful time spent with family.

  18. Aww, your sleeping nephew! I love the denim inspired choices, especially the first one with its slightly psychedelic vibe. ;)

  19. love the balmain outfit



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