Saturday, May 12, 2012

one saturday

This is what I wore.

 My  friend's son had a birthday party.
Her mom made this incredible looking cake!
Fun fact: her mom, & my mom have the exact same name. They also spell it the same way.
Check out Miss D's nails on the right.  
Funny thing is my nails were painted alternative colors too, except mine were shades of green while hers were blue & red.
My plaid shorts/pants are thrifted.
This lady bug took turns crawling on us.
This girl made her bracelet.

If  I like something someone else is wearing or has, I ask if I can snap their photo.
I am digging these earrings.

My friend's necklace.
I think it's elegant.

This is NOT my tattoo.
It is after my own heart. :)
 It's for her grandma who played the guitar. The dove is after the song 
On the Wings of A Dove.
What I didn't tell her when I took her photo,
is that I play the guitar,
& I have a dove tattooed,
on my right back shoulder.

To all you amazing moms out there.  
Happy Mother's Day!

One of my favorite moms with my niece.

One of my favorite moms with my nephew.

For everything you do everyday,
we love you, appreciate you,
 & think you're fantastic! :)


  1. The party looked like fun! Your hair looks extra pretty and I like your friend's leaf necklace, too.

  2. That's a really cool pirate cake. They also have a pretty neat pirate themed water park near my work.

  3. What a lovely post !
    These shades of green are beautiful with your hair !

  4. That fiery red is the perfect colour on you! <3

  5. I love the plaid pants. They are so adorable on you.

  6. Hi Teddi, Your friends necklace is really nice!
    And the cake is super cute... the kid must've loved it!!

  7. oh, Teddi, I would love to see your tattoo since I'm a huge fan of tattoos (which you probably already know, hehe). and what a cute and summery outfit! light colours definitely have something special about them :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  8. Beautiful photos- I love how you are inspired by those around you and take photos! Great cake and am loving the funky nail polish!

  9. Lovely post! I love your outfit, the pastel green is perfect for spring! And that pirate cake looks super yummy! :)

    Daydream Frenzy

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  10. Lovely post <33

    i love your blog <33 i am following you now. Mind to follow back? ^^

  11. you look absolutely fantastic in green! those cute pants are perfection!!!

  12. you look adorable in that outfit, it's perfect for a picnic party, the cropped pants has a lovely 60's vibe. Pastels are also in the rage now. Your friend is so talented, I like the cake she made for her kid.


  13. Thats an awesome cake! Wish I had that for my birthday LOL.

  14. cute pictures, beautiful quote at the end :) glad you had a great Mother's Day Teddi!

    i like the necklace you featured<3


  15. I love the colour and style of your hair in this post. Hope you had a lovely weekend.

  16. all that green looks so pretty with your hair! and i loooove that leaf necklace. so pretty! xx sylvie

  17. looking really great in green, the color suits you.. and clashes perfectly with your hair...
    thanks for your comments.. I appreciate you kind of worrying about my mental/emotional state... I'm currently going up and down.. a bit bipolar, tripolar, hexapolar perhaps?
    take care!

  18. Wow! Your red hair looks especially vibrant here! The red and green look stunning together. :)


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