Wednesday, May 16, 2012

sorta penguin like

These are penguin things I like today.
Charlotte Taylor Dress

Red Penquin Print Top
Penguin Locket

Penguin Wood Earrings

Penguin Fascinator

When I was in kindergarten,
 my teacher got each of us an abalone shell,
 of our own to keep.

It did NOT look like this.
Penguin Necklace Hand Painted on Abalone Shell 

I remember thinking the shell was a treasure.
I kept it on the top shelf of my childhood
 bedroom closet.
Abalone Penguin Necklace

Penguin things remind me of my brother.
This is son. 
I get to see my nephew in one week. :)

One Christmas, I painted a calendar of penguins for my brother. Of course I don't have photos of that.

Here's my non-penguin
art journal page,
 It follows the same hoodie
black, white, and red color scheme.

It says:  I need to love the girl, and the wolf inside of me.
Don't we all have some big bad wolf inside of us? ;)


  1. Ted fun post! I love penguins! ... And loved the design made in that book ... is so cute and happy baby ... priceless! =)

    I loved everything!

  2. very cute penguin print dress! I pinned it straight away! Very delightful penguin inspiration post. That necklace is super cute too. Your nephew is ultra adorable and he is making me smile!


  3. oh I LOVE penguin stuff, this is all so cute!! especally love that first pic of the dress. models need to start smiling more though don't you think?! very cute penguin locket too

    The House of Shoes

  4. I've never seen a penguin dress lol looks awesome though :)

  5. totally relating to the wolf and little red riding hood girl living under the same roof.. you know how mad I get with my multiple moods and verions of myself..anyway..digging the pinguin dress on the first photo!
    saw your comment on my illustration, I actually sell my clothes and t-shirts locally, Ive been meaning to upload a bunch of stuff to my etsy shop but havent got the time!..if you want that t-shirt just let me know, it's actually one of my designs, I own it cropped, but I sell the regular ones for 25 dlls to girls and dudes.. let me know.. xoxo

  6. hello there nice to see you :)

  7. i love me some penguins! the first dress is so cute!

  8. penguins are such cutiepies :) I think I love everything you've chosen to share here but especially the jewellery which is just beyond adorable :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  9. yay that you get to see your nephew soon! i love the first cute!

  10. the penguins are soooo cute! it would be such a conversation starter!

  11. Your journal page seem brilliant teddi! I do love Charlote Taylor prints she has a top with lobsters too :)

  12. What a funny post... and quite original as always Teddi :)
    Red Penquin Print Top is really cute...
    Have a nice weekend!!!!

  13. That "Red Penquin Print Top" is so cute! <3

  14. Penguins are adorable animals

  15. I just love penguins. Have you seen the Frozen Planet series? Lots of great penguin footage.

  16. Frozen Planet: on the discovery channel, nature documentary focusing on Arctic and Antarctica, short animal vignettes, awesome images in HD

  17. Love love love that Charlotte Taylor dress...adorable! Also your son is way too cute :)


  18. Ted every time I see this dream book makes me want to draw too! =))

  19. I love the penguin dress Ms. Honeybee Lane. I cracked up when you left me a comment about my black pants...funny. Have a great weekend. I guess penguins are the new craze. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  20. Awww, I think penguins are so cute :D

  21. I am in love with that cute penguin dress! <3
    Your blog is surely inspiring us
    Thank you for sharing! :)

    ♥ sugarpuff ♥
    Pinkie Anggia

  22. Saw some at the zoo a little bit back. They had a huge room where you could see them swim

  23. I love it!!


  24. love all the penguin things, especially that adorable dress!!! i'm obsessed with animal prints (not to be confused with animal print - hee hee). but i can't seem to find the right pieces. this is all so cute. gotta love the little tuxedo guys!!!

  25. Awesome journal pages, Teddi! Penguins are such a fun thing to incorporate into style and art. My obsession when I was younger was flamingos. ;)


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