Saturday, May 5, 2012

in high school

I bleached my pants.
They looked very similar to this,
My jeans had a different fit though.

I wore a cream sweater.
Mine wasn't as sheer as this. 

I wore colored tank tops beneath the sweater.
 Mine were white, black, turquoise,
hot pink, yellow, navy, & red.


I wore colored tights,
 mine were red, navy, black, white, & green. 

I had some brown leather boots,
 mine were more rust colored.

I owned a jersey mini skirt,
 mine was peach instead of pink.


I owned a pair of shoes similar to these, in the colors: mint green, peach, white,
baby pink, black, red, yellow, navy.

I had a denim straight skirt with buttons,
mine was mint green.

I owned a plain jean skirt
without buttons too.

I had some mid black
fringed boots,
 mine were suede.


I also tie dyed a purple t-shirt,
except mine was purple & pink.
 I wore it for my 10th grade school photo.
I'd show you the photo,
but I can't find it

I didn't have a signature perfume scent.

These are some I remember.

Navy Perfume 

Vanilla Fields

One summer, at my grandma's house,
I noticed this perfume in my grandma's bathroom.

Alyssa Ashley
It made me smile to know my grandma
& I wore the same perfume.

White Diamonds
Jovan Musk 

When my friends gave me drawings,
I'd hang them on my bedroom walls.
These are their actual drawings from back then.

This is what I looked like in 10th grade.

 I am so much older now.


  1. Hi Teddi,
    What cute photos! Love the flashbacks. I was totally thinking today that fashion is re-living the 80s. Not that I mind. I'm just waiting for the skort to come back!

  2. I dress about the same since high school, though it has been only 6 years since graduation.

    The bleached pants reminds me of last year when some bleach at work split on the side of my new black khaki pants. Left a nasty copper-color stain on the side. I had to get new ones... :(

  3. I thought I was styling in high school, but you definitely have me beat (if my mental image is serving me correctly)

  4. Love the flash back photos such a great idea taking a look at the past I love the part where you discovered you wore the same perfume as your grandmother and the ending was great it showed you grew in style and in your personality great post

  5. This is a really interesting post. You still seemed like quite the fashion-forward person in Gr.10. When I was in grade 10, I barely remember, but I think my style was pretty conservative with plain long shirt tees and V-neck sweaters. Glad I'm a little more creative now!


  6. Oh great post teddi! Love the b&w photos and all the 90's inspiration :)

  7. You're still as beautiful as you were in 10th grade! I used to wear Vanilla Fields, brings back memories!

  8. oh, those snapshots of you are SO cool. love them! and what a cool post overall, it seems to me that your style was really colourful already then. you wore pieces that are super popular these days as well (colourful tights, sneakers, skirts etc). great flashbacks :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  9. Those boots - Meeeeowwwww. Must have!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. I'm always a fan of leather boots they look good on almost anyone!

  11. Very cute pictures and drawings. I remember the navy perfume. Made me smile :)

    Heel in Mint

  12. Love the dye clothes right now :) Wish you a lovely week sweetie!

  13. Those are pretty photos Teddi! I miss high school days... ;(

  14. very cute post. The bleached pants is so 80's but on trend too. You are so trendy at grade 10th. Haha... I was so square back then. Looks like the fashion world is running out of ideas, nothing seems new under the sun.


  15. Yes, I love thrifting and buy lots of clothes at the thrift store too. My recent jaunt thrifting, I was thinking about how fashion repeats itself and there are so many clothes that I can't even bare to see them come back in style.
    What fun it is though, when you do find things that you loved before and still love to wear.

    Cute blog you have here. Thank you for visiting mine.

  16. hahaha that just looks like so much fun!

  17. I totally remember vsnilla fields perfume, my best friend wore it!! Isn't it fun to look back and reminisce??

  18. Hello Ted! Sorry did not go through here before, I was really busy! =))
    Ted loved all the choices, and I love stained pants, and socks are very colorful 80 years ... I love everything that is old .. reminiscent of school days ... and I loved your photos!
    Ted drawings in black and white look great in that size .. increase your blog photos! ;))

  19. ı loved your blog it look so stylish and elegant! i am following you, if yu follow me too i will be so happy :)

  20. It was a futsal match and Benfica won the match and an important award!

    If your pants look like the ones in the first picture, they really look amazing!

  21. Such lovely items and fun photos! Love this post!


  22. How fun! I dressed very similarly to you in high school. And had similar hair. And taped my friend's drawings to my wall. :)

  23. Love love love your hair in high school! I too used to wear a lot of coloured tanks- I in fact still have a lot of them! Oh bleached and ripped pants- how cool you were!

  24. I love the photos from 10'th grade! Especially the poofy bangs. ;) I wish I could see your bleached jeans and suede boots.


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