Tuesday, May 29, 2012

on memorial day

I spent time with one of my dear friends.

I took a photos of myself,
while my guy drove the truck.

This is my friend's backyard.

I painted my nails this nude color,
  while my friend planted petunias.

Fun fact: the pink bracelet was made by my mom.

My friend's son took our photos.

This was the view of the city from the freeway.

I wore this belt that my sister n-law gave me.

The blouse I wore was thrifted.

My nephew played with his train, at his grandma's house.
He also wore his T-Rex shirt,
and ate a banana for breakfast.

My nieces played together,
 at their grandparent's house.

They also dumped their toys all over the floor,
and colored their arms with markers. ;)

My guy took flower photos, in my mom's yard.

Yes, some of the mountains still have snow.

It was a very full day.


  1. Hi Teddi,
    Hope the day was great... It seems like it!
    The photos from the mountains are amazing!!!

  2. Lovely photos Teddi! We hope you had a great memorial day! ヅ

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  3. gorgeous city view there! it looks like you had a great Memorial Day! mine was bleh.. i spend it at bed reading 50 Shades of Grey (i'm addicted now).

    have an amazing week Teddi!

  4. Hello Teddi!

    I just wanted to give you some more information about the lace dress I wore on my blog that you inquired about :)

    'is it strapless? is it sheer? how do you wash it? do you have other photos where i can see how you wore it?'

    It is strapless, completely opaque, and is to be handwashed cold! It's actually a skirt, but since I'm short and it's rather long I just wear it as a dress :) The tag says its a large, but it fits more like a small or medium on the top for a 33 inch, and in the waist as a skirt fits as a 31.5 inch.

    Hope all of this helped you and if you have any more questions at all about it feel free to email me! x

  5. What for a great day! Your friend is lovely and you too, of course! I loved the belt and the bracelets! And what for a great city, amazing views! Would love to visit it one day, but aaaahhh, it'll take some time now! :)

  6. what a fun day! i love all of the pictures. your friend's yard looks beautiful, and the mountains do too...even if there is still snow!

  7. Really cool pictures! I was so surprised with the pictures of the mountains that still have snow! :)

  8. Teddi, glad you had a fun and warm memorial day ! Loving your blouse, what a cute color and print ! Many kisses :-)

    Fashion and Cookies

  9. I wish I lived that close to a mountain that I could see it while on the road. I technically can see a faint blue ridge in the sky, but it's about an hours drive until it's in your face.

  10. Those flower photos are beautiful and the view is spectacular! Love your blouse and the pink bracelet your Mum made you. Sounds like a great Memorial Day!

  11. Hello dear Ted! How long! =) Thanks for everything .. now I'm fine ... I got sick .. = /
    But I'm back! That's cool you and your friend Ted .. I loved the first photo ... you're so beautiful ... her shirt is too much!
    The landscape will kill me! =)

  12. Looks like a fun, fun day! And LOVE your scarf!

  13. Oh man that view is incredible! I just had a cookout with family on memorial day

  14. Looks like you had a great day! It's wonderful to meet up with friends...you gals look great together. I like the color and print on your top...it gives your face a nice pinkish glow! Your neices and nephew are so cute...it's fun to watch them play...i miss that stage for my boys


  15. I love your pink top :) Really lovely pictures

  16. You looked so happy with your lovely friend, darling Teddi

    Mr.Freddy said hello to your nephew :-)

  17. The veiw of the city is great can't beleive the mountains have snow on them. Looks like a great memorial day


  18. Great photos!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
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    BLOG: www.saboskirt.blogspot.com

  19. Thank you, Teddi, for your sweet comments! They always make me smile. :) You and your friend look beautiful. I'm glad your Memorial Day was nice!

  20. P.S. You're so sweet- your comment about my 'muscle-y' arms made my day- I even tweeted about it :) I work hard at the gym so happy it shows (although I'm still envious of our great arms!)

  21. Wow, love that nail color! And what a pretty bracelet that your mom made!

  22. loving the arm candy!

    i would love for you to come check out my blog as well I just posted a new outfit post!

    Figure of Chic

  23. looks like a truly superb day, Teddi! I love the mountains and I also love those flower photos.
    and your post reminded me I want a nude nail polish for my toenails!
    oh, and I like the combination of the shirt and those pretty earrings :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  24. Oh to be a kid! I love that they drew all over their arms.


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