Thursday, April 26, 2012

into the blind unknown

I'm linking up to Thursdays are for Thrifters.

This was a large skirt I found at the thrift store.
Then I asked my mom to resew it my size.

Orange bracelet: dollar store
Green & black bracelet: handmade by a friend 

Green blue & bracelet: handmade by mom
Orange, & white bracelet: handmade by my cousin

My cousin made my guitar pick earrings,
as shown here.

I got this purse from my sister n-law.
My mom made the bracelet.

I made the black fused glass charm,
 in jewelry class, photos shown here. 

My shoes are thrifted.

The problem with this skirt is it's sheer.
That means I have to wear leggings with it.

I hand painted my leggings.
I was attempting to make them,
 resemble colorful flowers.

Art Journal pgs.


There I am minus make-up.
I'm wearing my Against Me! concert t-shirt.

We've seen the band Against Me!,
in concert 3 times.

This photo is when we saw them at
Warped Tour here in 2008.

This photo is from when we saw them in 2010.
There are more photos from that concert here.

Cavalier Eternal is one of my fave songs by them.

These are my favorite lyrics from the song:
..."Me and this guitar
are going swinging
blind into the unknown. 

You know, a song and a stage
is all I ever needed of a home.

Someday I will call from a payphone
 in a truckstop on the road 

and you'll tell me how much better off
you've been on your own."...


  1. Eternal is a pretty neat song :)

  2. I like this boho grunge chic outfit on have this style that is uniquely you. Your mom did a wonderful job with the skirt, so summery and fun. I think you should seriously consider selling your art journals or make some for sale. I have seen them on Etsy


  3. Miss Daisy's mom also can resew clothes like magic. She even created some pokemon costume for Daisy's brother so he could wear to some anime convention. It wasn't a classic one like Pikachu, when Daisy told me which one it was (Xatu) I didn't even remember it that well.

    My mother on the other hand, says she can't sew up a small hole in my pajama pants.

  4. wow, Teddi, how cool is the fact you hand painted your leggings! and I like how it blends together with your cheerful skirt and all the colourful accessories. it's always nice to see your (thrifted) outfits :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. You're so lucky to have so many handmade bracelets! I love the art page with the giraffe. They have a special place in my heart. No worries about make-up. I can't be bothered most days!

  6. AWWWWWWW!!! like this like this!
    Support you to the max!

    Latest: 22 years old [Happy Birthday]

  7. Hi Teddi!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog
    I love your skirt
    I wished you have put a pic of your leggings, you said you painted them, that would have been interesting to see.

    Enjoying your art book as well

    Ariane xxxx

  8. Your skirt is really pretty, hippytastic!! And wow, your journal is gorgeous!!!!

  9. super nice that skirt


  10. Hello Ted, here we are in autumn, but there are very few cold days. = /
    Ted loved this shirt is very cool drawing of the hands ... and the skirt is so colorful * _ *

  11. love your nail colors loving the earrings made out of guitar pics super creative and cute

  12. Pretty skirt Teddi!

    And did you just say, you hand painted the leggings? Wow! You're such an artist! Cool design! ヅ


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