Sunday, February 5, 2012

made with love

This is me, in my outfit, in front of the Dallas Museum of Art.

Yeah, I know you can read the sign.

My cousin made me these earrings.
I'm wearing them in my outfit photos. 

 She based the designs on this older post of mine.
  My cousin's jewelry is far cooler.

Charm bracelet made by my cousin.  :)

Look at the charm that says
"Made with Love."

 With every photo, I'm trying to show,
how all the guitar picks are holographic. 

Peace sign, flowers, mushroom, circles.

One mushroom, purple flower power thing on top right.

More mushrooms, peace sign, small flowers.

Disappearing mushrooms, bigger flowers.

Even the orange beads are hearts.
There is the peace sign charm on top,
& the word love, on a charm, hanging below.
She also made this pretty ice blue necklace.
I'm fully aware of my hideous chipped polish,
in these photos.

My skirt is thrifted.

This is one of the words on my shirt.
The other words going up from the roots
through the tree trunk say:
Nature, Peace, Love,
Happiness, Life 

My friend Kimmie took these pics for me.

Give It to Me Baby by Rick James 

Funny video. Fun song. 
One day my cousin & I played this song over & over on our way back from Ikea. Yes, it's the same cousin who made my guitar pick jewelry, in this post.
The same cousin I think of as my sister.

Sisterhood Everlasting  by Ann Brashares
...It made her feel a little homesick because of the blossoms, the cherries and dogwoods and magnolias and these pink ones, whatever they were called. These were the flowers that burst out all over her old neighborhood growing up, that would drop into her hair like spring snow....


  1. love the details!!! your outfit is perfect, what about that museum?? i'd like to visit it!!


  2. Guitar picks are so cute!


  3. Nice outfit! I hope you had fun at the museum :)

  4. Love all the cute custom made jewels xxx and your skirt is so beautiful

  5. ohhh love the detal of "Made whit love" :D... have a great week

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog! Your style is scary-awesome. Okay, those boots in the second to the last post? freakin' fabulous. And I covet your pillows. Totally.

  7. So glad you like them. Love ya...

  8. I love the icy blue necklace. And after scrolling through some of your older posts, I must say that in some angles you do look like Molly R.! :-)

  9. the book sounds interesting!
    and your holographic charm necklace is way cool!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  10. Your cousin is so talented at making jewellery, those earrings are gorgeous! I love your skirt too :) xo

  11. Thanks for sharing the details which are lost on us otherwise. love the idea of using a guitar pick for jewellery, and the made with love piece is too cute.

  12. I like your bright and colourful skirt! so perfect for beautiful weather :) and those accessories are awesome too. I think handmade jewellery is the best!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  13. Cool pictures, look like you had a really good time. Aimee

  14. the pictures are fun ... Ted you did indoor shots, I would like to see the arts!

  15. i love your skirt, you always wear such great, fun colourful patterns!! love all your outfits :)

  16. Your cousin is very talented! I hope you had a nice time at the museum.

  17. ooooooook! cant wait to see more about the museum!


  18. You look amazing. :)

  19. Ahhh, I want to read that book! I loved that series!

    Such cute earrings! What a talent!

  20. The homemade jewellery is so beautiful and I love your bohemian outfit. Dallas- I'm contemplating visiting Texas in April and can't choose between Dallas or Austin- I think I know where you'd say! ;)

    P.S. The gourmet grilled cheese was a selection of cheeses like brie, havarti, gouda with homemade tomato relish- delish!

  21. Your cousin is talented Teddi!
    I love your skirt!
    by the way, were you allowed to take photos inside the museum?

  22. "Yeah, I know you can read the sign" - haha! I've always wanted to go to Texas, as weird as that may sound. I love the country, I guess. The prints in this outfit are awesome!


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