Monday, April 30, 2012

the light is fading fast

It's Inspiration Monday,
so I'm linking up with Two Birds.
My shoes, skirt, & eyelet blouse are thrifted.

Today's inspiration is
Emma Watson.

I tried it with my black leather jacket.

I didn't really like it.

I drew my guy.

Once upon a road trip.
My art journal page
I love this boy.
I love this dog too. :)

It says:
Did my nephew find his own kinda place,

Gracie (the dog's kennel)?
He went there on his own. 
When my brother was little, he'd gather all the pillows
 in the whole house and say,
"I'm making a kinda place."
My brother
when he was little.

My nephew
Little me
with my mom's sewing tape measure.
My twin nieces

eating their mandarin oranges, in the same bowls
their uncle J, (my guy), used when he was little.
This is EJ.
This is Lil Bug.

..."Wait for me please
wait for me
alright, i guess
that's more than i should ask
wait for me please
wait for me
although i know the light is fading fast...
..but you gotta lot to learn
if you think that i'm not

waiting for you." by Daryl Hall & John Oates


  1. Aww, cute kids! I like your take on the outfit, it's lovely!

  2. crazy how the babies then and the babies now look so much alike!! and you're so talented with your drawing and your journals!

  3. Nice you actually looks pretty close to Emma Waston!

  4. Nice outfit, lovely fresh white and white florals! Your photos are utterly charming!!!

  5. Hey hun!

    I'm glad you didn't delete me! Yes, I will be blogging on now, but I will still be blogging on Goodwill Huntingg.

    I had a move a while back and started a new job at the beginning of April, so things have been crazy, but I have a lot things to post in the future, so don't delete me!

    Lots of love!

  6. Aw this is such a sweet post! So many memories.

    I really love your inspired outfit. The blazer was a great touch!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  7. Hi Teddi,
    Great baby photos! And I love your top, I'm a sucker for just about anything eyelet, I find it so romantic!

  8. Aww is the tape measurer in your mouth? What a doll! Love the navy blue blazer on you- very chic!

  9. Haha, this is the third Emma Watson inspiration I've seen consecutively. I'm really starting to want to try that look now! I love the print on your skirt. And the pics are adorable!


  10. the photo of tiny you is SO adorable :) and I have to agree when it comes to the choice of jackets. you've definitely picked the right one here ;) I also like the light patterns you've chosen.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  11. great drawing!
    and your nephew and brother look so alike!

  12. That is such a great outfit, yours! I liked with the leather jacket! You look very feminine and elegant!
    Oh, I have to post that song! I haaave to! For a particular reason! Thank you sooo much, Teddi, for that song!

  13. Gorgeous outfits!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  14. The outfit is nice and romantic, I agree that it looks better without the leather jacket. Your nieces and nephew are so cute & you're so lucky you get to see them all the time. My niece and nephew live on the other side of the county. Boo!

  15. i love Emma, she's so inspirational.. amazing style! i like these posts you make about copying styles<3


  16. aww cute outfits and love the pics of the kids!

  17. :) Love this post as usual! Love your outfit and the babies.

    And, nowhere is as noisy as NYC! It's funny because in Toronto there are no laws against not honking and I only heard one person honk. In NYC people honk ALL THE TIME! That was so weird for me haha

  18. i love that jacket! good choice, better than the leather one for sure! and that skirt is lovely!

  19. I love blazers with skirts, so classy!


  20. I like Emma Watson and I like your outfit, Teddi ! I think you didn't like it with your leather jacket cause you needed something shorter, but the outfit itself is very charming and fresh !.
    Then...I have already told you this but let me say it again - you were so cute as a kid, loving your childhood pics ! It makes me feel like scanning some of my old pics, too ! I am lazy and I have to pick them up at my parents' house...we'll see !
    Cuteness must run in your family...those kids are so lovely ! Bet you spoil them, hehe =)
    Kisses my friend !!!

    Fashion and Cookies

  21. yes I prefer your take on the jacket, the striped one looks more chic than the leather one ;-) I love all those kiddy pictures, you and your brother look so cute, I enjoy reminiscing childhood photographs too. Nice journal pages as always.



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