Monday, April 23, 2012

i also won this

Waimea Shabby Apple Dress
 in this  giveaway, from Victoria. Her fashion blog
Style Marmalade,
is one of my favorites. 
Today I'm also linking from Two Birds Inspiration Monday.

Here's today's inspiration outfit, 
featuring the actress
Sara Rue.
My version:
I tried to mimic her pose,
belt, & hair.
This used to be my great grandmother's necklace.
I wear it as a bracelet. 
My cousin made my earrings. 
Art Journal pages
On the left page are things on my love list.

Details of the ruffles on dress, & my belt.
My mom made the blue/green bracelet.

We know 
braids are trendy now. 

I learned to french braid my own hair, the summer before I went into 9th grade.

I got the French Braid down, but the Fishtail Braid not so much. Basically it looks a mess whenever I try it on myself. 

At the time, my uncle told me the girls were wearing french braids in California.
Yes, I asked him.

I had felt so out of the fashion loop, since we'd moved away from there 3 years before. If the girls in California were wearing it, I was determined to learn how. Now I'm like, really, was I slave to fashion? Why did I care so much about what other girls were wearing?   :P


  1. Work that pose! You're a lucky gal, maybe you should go buy a lotto ticket :) I'm happy you will be answering my questions. It's amazing how moms in all different parts of the continent managed to make similar casseroles, pre-internet.

  2. Very pretty! Love your ruffles and naval take on this outfit! I am so envious re the hair because I was always useless (still am!) at doing my hair and I could never do a French plait, let alone the fishy! In this week's inspiration, I am faking the hairstyle!!!

  3. what a great win! and of course you look gorgeous in the dress! i still haven't mastered the french braid...maybe some day you can teach me!

  4. cute outfit, and love your ruffle top!!

  5. Lucky u!!! I never win anything lol looks really good on you too =)

  6. Lovely dress, and I love your nails!!


  7. that dress looks so cute!!

  8. wow, you definitely are an extremely lucky lady, winning all those dresses! :P oh, and I love braids but I can only make the most regular one.. unfortunately. so, you're lucky again to have those skills ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  9. What a cute dress! Even better that you won it!!

  10. Ooh I really like your dress, congratulations on winning it, I love the stripes and the block colour!

    I love wearing my hair in french braids, but I find them quite difficult to do and they always seem to fall out. xo

  11. I love that dress on you; navy is definitely your color.

    I need to figure out how to French braid. I won't, of course, but I need to.

    Finally, I love that you share your journals with us. They are gorgeous, just like you.

  12. Ted is not worth caring about what other girls ... I wear the same dress according to what I like, do not care what others wear .. especially because my style does not please the Brazilian ... sometimes I think it's very European ... and people here do not like ... = P

  13. Congratulations ! It's a beautiful dress ! I love your belt and your color nails too !!!

  14. Cute dress! I enjoyed the art pages as usual. I used to have my hair in French braids when I was little, mostly because it meant my aunt had come over to braid my hair. Adored her!

  15. Congratulations Teddi! You're always lucky when it comes to giveaways! Lovely outfit!

    P.S. Teddi, have you clicked on the REWARDS button on the left side of our blog?
    If you haven't yet then please come back and do so to earn points for you to avail the gift certificates from the merchant of your choice. ت

    Thanks! ヅ

  16. I'm happy you like it Teddi! It looks lovely! love it with the white shoes, great for summer :) And thank you so much for your kind words :)

  17. Hello Ted! Did not know you liked Eloise! =))
    So that in the photo is my sister .. she's gonna make my photos ... heheheh .. how are you?
    All right there?

  18. Love your dress, you styled it so well. I guess we are opposite, I've got the fishtail braid down but I really need to learn how to do a french braid.

    xo erica

  19. That dress looks awesome belted like you have it! And oh man, I feel ya on the fishtail braids. I can do them, but it just takes soooo much time because my hair's so long.

  20. Congrats on winning your prize, it always feels good to win at least one contest. Now Im getting a flashback at the local movie theater when batman forever came out. They were holding a batman trivia contest and this one kid won every prize they gave out. He basically walked away with a batcave because he was the only one who knew batman stuff outside the movies and cartoons

  21. Great post!Would you follow each other? let me know on my blog ;)

  22. so fantastic

  23. Your nails are so nice!

  24. oh my GOD!!!!!! Sara looks so skinny.. did you know she lost weight at the company i work at? Jenny Craig haha

    teddi your nails rock! you also did a great work with the inspiration outfit, love ur belt ;)


  25. Oh I've see that 2 birds link up before! how fun. I love that shabby apple dress, I'm crazy for scallops!

    The House of Shoes

  26. The ruffles are awesome! Your art journals are so creative and inspiring. They always make me wanna grab my sketchbook and draw somethin'. ;)


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