Sunday, April 1, 2012

blue hair

This is my other friend's daughter Miss D.
Style is about hair too.

Last night Miss D was showing me her unopened, birthday, Bratz doll. It has tools to color the doll's hair & your own.  Her birthday was back in September, precisely one month before mine!?

I asked, "Why don't you open the doll, & try this on your hair?"  Her aunt did hers.

Then Miss D. put a blue stripe in mine.

  It was too dark by then, so we don't have a photo of my blue hair.  My blue stripe washed out in the shower, this morning.

So since I was in the mood for blue hair, I found some blue hair art, that I admire.

Sleeping Woman by Florencia Del Giudice

Your Tales Are Mine by Myfolklover, Catherine Campbell

Time of the Season by Myfolklover, Catherine Campbell

Clear Wing Watercolor by Mike Tutten

Nyx by Stardixa, Isabel B

Lovers by Peggy Wolf

Miss D. was thrilled with the blue streaks in her hair.  
I said, "Aren't you glad you finally opened the box? We are in Spring, your birthday was in the Fall."  ;)


  1. Beautiful paintings and that little girl is fantastic, so sweet!:X

  2. Your little friend is so adorable! I'm glad you encouraged her to enjoy her gift. Maybe she just needed someone to play with. Love the blue hair art, too!

  3. Nice blue hair.

  4. I like the blue streaks Teddi, I wanted to do the same too or have a Katy Perry-like hair but it won't look good on me! tsk!

    I love the illustrations, so beautiful! ツ

  5. i like miss d's blue streaks and your beautiful blue wall art. It makes my monday not so blue anymore...sorry...kinda corny here. But seriously the art pieces are delicate and dream-like watercolor pieces.


  6. Sweet Miss D! (Since I'm also a Miss D, I must like her "name"!) Loved her hair and smile! And also, the pictures you posted! They inspired me, new paintings coming soon! Thanks for that!

  7. that pink T-shirt is really cute! I like the picture :)
    blue will not make it into my hair but it's fun to watch it in others' hair for sure! especially when it's slightly glittery :P

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  8. hahaa i remember when i used to do that! blue/pink/orange/purple.. even green!! me and my little girlfriends used to have so much fun with our hair!

    love artwork #1.. gorgeous!!

    happy week to you teddi,

  9. thank you so much for the lovely comment!
    i'm glad to read all these sweet words!
    the name of that food is meringue ( made with egg white and sugar!)
    the song is an old Au revoire simone's song!

  10. Lovely post!

    You've got a great blog, I'm glad I found it. Following you now! Mind following me back?


  11. cute photos, haha when I was younger I used to love putting colored highlights in my hair too

  12. Aww she's really cute an i'm loving the art work.

  13. Lovely blue streaks, she looks really cute!

  14. what a sweet post! she seems to love it! and i bet yours looked equally as hip!

  15. I love the blue streaks!! I always wanted to do that as a kid. ;)

  16. I just love that "Sleeping Women" piece of art work and coloured hair- how funky! I always wanted purple streaks in my hair! :)

  17. this looks so cute on her. i remember when i had these blue highlights when i was 12 :D

  18. Great fun looking blue hair. I am glad you made her open the gift. She looks happy.
    I loved all the paintings, however, if asked to pick a fav, I would say, 'Lovers'.
    Adding myself to followers.

  19. Hi Teddi, Can't find 'followers' button.


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