Tuesday, April 3, 2012

pairings in my mind

Or things that you might not think go together,
 but in my mind, they do.

 I pair this dress
Christian Dior 2012 Spring Couture

With my niece EJ's dress.

Now I pair this dress
Antonio Marras 2012 Spring

With my niece Lil Bug's dress.
Lil Bug

I pair the green black & white in this dress
10 Crosby Derek Lam 2012 Spring

to my niece EJ's green ribbon with white stripes bow.

I pair the color scheme in this outfit

10 Crosby Derek Lam 2012 Spring

to my nieces dresses.

My twin nieces. 

 I pair these pants
10 Crosby Derek Lam 2012 Spring

to Lil Bug's dress. 

Lil Bug

I pair this dress with the bow, & touch of gold

Badgley Mischka 2012 Spring

to the gold bow on my blouse.

My nephew & me.

I pair this red top, & flesh colored bottom to
Altuzarra 2012 Spring

my nephew's red top with no pants,
or you can call it flesh colored bottom.  ;)

Me & my nephew.

My nephew & his dog,Gracie, make a great pair.
I think this is precious.   :) 


  1. The two kidis are sooo cute! :)
    Nice pictures!

  2. Like I said befor you seem to be incredible with kids I bet they all love you! x

  3. love all the combination of prints and color of this post... and I'm in love of these kids...

  4. I know what you mean! I also associate images that apparently have nothing to do with each other, but somehow they do!
    The dresses are really great and your nieces and nephew too! They also dress very trendy, you see?
    I remember I owe you two answers! The mascaras: I layer them!
    The jewellery: I didn't show on internet... maybe one or two pieces only... you know, internet... I don't want to show some things... sometimes I get emails from people saying "I live on benefits and you show your riches, do you think I don't have feelings?" So I don't want people to feel offended...
    But maybe one day I show more things!

  5. hhahaha. you're so creative ^^
    Hey, you have cute nieces and nephew too!!! high 5.

    In replying my blog comments question, the cake actually is just a normal cake. Too bad it's look good but taste like normal :(

    Latest: Birthday Post - XiXi

  6. oh, I remember how I used to dislike red but now I wear it gladly. it's bright and bold. btw, the dresses of your little relatives are really nice and stylish ;) and the doggie is adorable!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  7. This post is adorable. Your hair and shirt go so beautifully together. Love the belt. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  8. wow haha your nieces and nephew are so fashionable... cool post

  9. Hello dear Ted! Sorry just come by now, walked out of time these days ... I loved the post.Você is so pretty sitting on the couch ... I always love the photos of babies!

  10. Cute idea for a post. Sometimes I wish I could be a designer for moments when this kind of inspiration strikes. I have a set of wildly colourful Aborigine-designed patterned coasters from Australia that would great on a top with some new banana-yellow jeans I bought....

  11. Awe, the little ones are so cute! It's funny how our minds work, pairing images together instantly :)

  12. I love the pics and the outfits, the kids are sooo lovely...** hugs hugs **!!
    I enjoyed the music and the lyrics.
    Thanks for visiting.

  13. Lol at "flesh colored bottom." What cute nieces and nephews! Greetings from Atlanta. ;-)

  14. Your nephews are very stylish, I can tell ;)

  15. Teddi, your nieces are beyond cute ! I have a very small family so I don't have any niece or nephew yet...I only have one cousin and she hasn't had kids yet and I should start thinking about a little one for myself one day soon ! The comparison between dresses is too funny and cute, and as always in your posts, very original ! Many kisses !

    Fashion and Cookies

  16. I love how you compare your nephews legs to the flesh tone of that skirt!!

  17. Teddi, I adore your creativity and
    you are so brilliant in every post!
    Your niece and nephew are so adorable.
    and who's playing Chuckie, The Dump Truck?
    I bet, your nephew! Mr.Freddy has the same toy
    your nephew has.


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