Friday, April 27, 2012

for kat

Kat from A Second Glance asked when I feel most creatively inspired, With art, I can be inspired anytime, with an image.
Badgley Mischka RTW Spring 2012
A scene outside a store.

Especially if I look at someone else's art,
At the Community Arts Center

When I read or someone tells me a story.

My art journal page 
It says: "You can cut all the flowers
but you cannot keep spring from coming."
-Pablo Neruda

I'm mostly inspired by other people.

Alexis Mabille 2012 Spring RTW

Children inspire me.

In the car with my friend's son Little T. 

Art journal page
Its says: "Spring sprang suddenly onto the land."-Jean Giorno

I'm inspired by music.
When I hear it,
when I see it live or on TV, &
when I try to play it myself.

 Local band we saw last week. I don't know their name.

Just Cavalli RTW Spring 2012
Art Journal page

Nature is also a good source of inspiration.

I saw this butterfly while I was getting gas.

Aquilano E Rimondi 2012 Spring
Aquilano E Rimondi 2012 Spring

Can you see how I use my inspirations in my art?

Art Journal page

I do my best writing, first thing in the morning, right after I wake up. My guy is really good about when he sees me writing, to not interrupt, nor break my concentration. If it's quiet, I can focus for a long time. I do better, if I can have uninterrupted time,
in silence.


  1. you always choose the most gorgeous runway inspirations! usually I don't bother looking at them in blogs but with your blog it's different since you pick a few but they really are worth seeing. and your art journal looks beautiful as always. so many wonderful colours :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. This is such a lovely post with wonderful reminded me that there is inspiration and beauty in everything! Have a great weekend!

  3. very inspiring love the runway look in the first pic its absolutly gorgeous

  4. oh i want the floral dress from Alexis Mabille, floral is so hits right now! ;) cavalli always nails it <333

  5. Fantastic set of pics...
    Your friend's son is adorable!!

  6. wow i am just loving the dresses towards the last pics super cute

  7. Love the words on your art journal pages (the spring ones). Beautiful pictures!! You are very creative.

    Heel in Mint

  8. What a beautiful post ! Very INSPIRING !!!

  9. The butterfly reminds me of story in middle school. I was standing outside waiting for the doors to open after lunch, and I felt something on my head. I thought it was a butterfly so I stood still and just let it fly off.

    When it did, I walked towards the door and my friend said "Adam, you know you had a bee on your head right?"

  10. I do love your journal pages...
    I guess we all tend to get inspired from other things or people but come up with unique creations from our own... I also get inspired by music, words from poets, movies, trends... but also from silly random things such as trees, spiders, rain, glass... not to mention the moon.. you know I love that cosmic being.
    Btw.. pablo neruda..♥

  11. It's always so cool to see where people find their inspiration. Great post!

    p.s. thanks for the like!

  12. I'll have a picture of my self on my blog soon dont worry lol :) And I agree after art class I feel like I've been thinking really hard but using a completely different part of my brain and thats not only really cool its inspiring lol

  13. what a great post you wrote!! love your art journal too =) as an architecture student I can say anything inspires me, a picture, a person, a song...

  14. Your portrait is beautiful! I find it hardest to draw myself, you did a great job. And your blog is always full of beautiful images. You are good with colors. It reflects your emotions and thoughts; Fashion, art, nature, they are great inspiration, I am also inspired by them.


  15. Nice blog dear! would you like to follow each other on bloglovin and on GFC? *.*

  16. I love your post where you find beauty in everything :)

  17. You have really nice writing! I like how you take inspiration from art and nature. Nature really inspires me, and sometimes I seem to get a surge of inspiration from nowhere! xx

  18. Hello dear Ted! I'm like you, any image can inspire me .. there are specific things! So many love looking at pictures! Optimal week!

  19. perfect!!

  20. beautiful runway inspiration!
    i love discovering what inspires other people!! so many beautiful images here!
    love your blog!
    following you now :)
    would love if you checked out my blog sometime

  21. I love how kat asked you you such a great question she is fabulous and its so wonderful that you gave her a shout out : )

  22. Teddi, thank you for this post!! I like that you answered in terms of the what and when of inspiration. It's so neat to see how the inspiration photos are adapted onto your art journal pages. My mind thinks so much more literally than yours so I find your thought process quite fascinating. I like the butterfly next to the Chevron sign photo. I too am most creative between sleep and awake, whether at night or in the morning. Often I wish I could dictate my thoughts to someone to write down! It's nice that your man respects your quiet writing time - that's love.


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