Saturday, April 7, 2012

bunny love

My mom once had pet bunnies. 
Bunny Stripe Tank

My husband was 12 when he decided
to go into the bunny business.

Beatrix Potter Earrings

He told me at one point he had hundreds of bunnies.

Storybook Earrings

I asked him how long he had these bunnies?
He said a few years.

Bunny Print Earrings

What happened to the bunnies?
He said he got rid of them.
Which means he ended up giving them away.

Bunny Glass Bracelet

Let's just say he never made any money.

Bunny Bracelet 25% goes to help bunnies :)

No pet bunnies for us. :)
As everyone knows I love animals.
I just don't want any pet responsibilities.

Eco-Friendly Rabbit t-shirt dress

While I'm at it, can I just avoid responsibilities,
in general, altogether? I wish.


  1. As if you don't know this already... I LOVE BUNNIES!!!!! Those are so cute finds.

  2. Very cute products, Love them. Happy Easter to you too! :)

    Heel in Mint

  3. Haha, cute ^^ Happy Easter day ^^ Teddi

    Latest: HPV and Gardasil

  4. Miss Daisy had bunnies as pets years ago when she was little. Two of them named Buddy and Sunny. They died kinda suddenly so she's a little bitter about it.

    But bunny is our pet name for each other. She just started calling me that one day, and it stuck ever since.

  5. Yes, rabbits are everywhere these days! I like that rabbit-tee-dress!

  6. Hi! such a nice blog
    Don't foget to eneter my gyveawayHERE
    kisses :)

  7. OMG so horrid, I love bunnies!!
    Happy Easter!

  8. Lovely post ! I love bunnies !!!

  9. Aw bunnies are so cute... But i agree... No responsiblity in general would be good...

  10. I love animals too! I've just been thinking about how I'd like to have a pet bunny.

  11. This is awesome post Teddi! My fave is the glass bunny bracelet! 乂⍲‿⍲乂

  12. very cute bunnies inspiration. I like the adorable earrings. Hope you had a wonderful easter!


  13. my grandmother used to have hundreds and hundreds of bunnies too, many years ago. now she owns seven if I remember correctly. I used to have one but I had to give him away because he hated Elvis, our dog. luckily the new owner loves bunnies :)
    anyway, I like all those bunny goodies! animal prints are one of my favourites.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  14. haha once i had little chicks and also gave them away :( their names were Puti & Tuti hahaha

    hope you had a great Easter Day!

  15. That rabbit t-shirt is awesome. :D
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  16. ABSOlutely cute dear!!! And you’ve got a gorgeous blog too!!!
    Check out my blog and if you feel like drinking a sip of ABSOstyle with me, we could followed each other by GFC + Bloglovin’ … ;) I’ll be waiting for you!!!

    Estefanía J. ABSOstyle

  17. I have a bunny, he's 9 years old and I love the little guy so much haha

  18. everything is so beautiful! I loved the earrings! How was Easter!?

  19. Lovely post! I love the bunny earrings and t-shirt :D


  20. awww, bunnies! for some reason, i think of them as high-maintainance pets. but they are so cute!! x

  21. Bunnies are really cute until they invade your garden :)

  22. I love the bracelet.
    Nice blog you have. Maybe we could follow each other?*

  23. Last night while my husband was at work, I had two cats in my bed, one right on top of me. One in his little house on my chair and two dogs on the floor in their beds. It was nighty night for all. I do understand about not wanting he responsibility though...believe me. 5 pets = cleaning constantly. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  24. Happy (belated) Easter! ;) I saw a beautiful, grey and white bunny a few weeks back in a parking lot and pretty much sat for about 15 minutes, watchin' her in the grass. She was just so cute!

  25. Love the tank.

  26. i had bunnies when i was little. we had some angora rabbits. i remember taking care of my rabbit when i was a kid. and once my mom tried to breed one with the neighbors rabbit. i nearly freaked out when i saw the other rabbit "attacking" my rabbit. but the babies were cute.


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