Wednesday, August 1, 2012

inspired by mom

Here's a dress that reminds me
of my mom, as a teenager.
Shift Dress

That's my mom, in the white gloves.

I'm pretty sure she made the pink and lace dress.
My grandma was the lady, beside her, wearing brown.
My mom sewed most of her own, teenage clothes.
My mom won Queen 
of the Sweetheart Ball
or whatever it was called.

Now for some more things,
inspired by my mom's vintage dress:

Lace Capelet
Vintage Velvet Lace Dress
Cinderella's Silver Slippers
Pink Paisley Brocade Dress
1960's Gold Bow Heels
Vintage Bohemian Shawl
Vintage Custom Made Pumps
Half of sale proceeds go to Healing Hope Cat Sanctuary

This was a drawing I did of myself, when I looked into a mirror, in May. It's a blind contour drawing
that means you can't look down at the paper as you draw.

This is the final drawing. I left the pencil marks beneath it.
I sat on the couch with crayons.
 I shaded completely from my memory.

When I was finished with the drawing, I looked at it.
I told my husband this is supposed to be a self portrait.
Don't you think it looks like my mom, when she was a teenager?
My mom as a teenager

Then yesterday, I was editing old photos from 2004.
I came across this photo of me,
with my natural hair color.

I'm at my aunt and uncle's house, holding one of their relatives' little ones.

Yes, I know, I kind of look like my mom.  :)


  1. Yay Mom! Love her dress and the Cinderella shoes! Can you sew? I was just reading that the ability to sew has totally disappeared in one generation. I'm determined to learn as much as my mom knows. I just worry about my patience... I'm of the instant gratification generation!

  2. Holy wow! Those are great clothing pieces and yes, you look like your mom and so does the drawing... and you are both GORGEOUS!!! Holy smokes

  3. you mom reminded me so much the movie PRETTY IN PINK! The girl practically wears a dress like that one with pink lace! to her prom; she sewed it herself and she's a redhead! how cool! was the character inspired by your mom, I wonder?
    great post!
    and that drawing without looking's pretty good! I think I'm going to try that too.. is there a lesson behind that activity?

  4. yeah, you DO look like your mom. the similarity is huge! and wow, all those vintage clothes and shoes! I love timeless vintage pieces and it's a shame there aren't clothes left from my mom's youth. it would be so cool :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. your mom was beautiful. had great style too. i loved her dress.

  6. Lovely post! Your mom looked so so beautiful wearing that lovely dress and gloves! (Loved her shoes too :)
    You also look very beautiful and the drawing was excellent! Yes, I think it did look like your mom when she was a teenager!
    Talented family, in fact, with drawings and earrings, clothes... wow!

  7. i always get remarks on how much i look like my mom i never see it but teddy you truly do look like your mom as a teenager and i have to say the blind contour self portrait if i were to do it would look like a head with eyes on opposite sides of the paper but yours came out spectacular

  8. your mom is so pretty! i love it that she made her own clothes! i wish that i had that talent!

  9. nice vintage dress! love that pink!

  10. Ted was delighted with the photograph of his mother ... that beautiful!
    My mother in adolescence was also very beautiful photographs .... since I like her ... =))

  11. That first dress is lovely. You and your mom do look very similar!
    And yes, I have had people tell me I look like liv tyler, only a few though. :)


  12. Lovely post ! :)

    xo ,
    Ana Catalarrana

  13. with your natural color you do look a lot like your mom

  14. This is a great post, love the photos!! Want those capelets and shawls too, so pretty :D

  15. Oh wow! You look so much like your mom!

  16. That first pink dress is adorable! It's so mod. Actually, I like all of the pink dresses you've shown here. This post is so sweet. You do look like your mom. I like you with your natural hair color!

    May the force be with you.

  17. That lace capelet is gorgeous! And so is your drawing! The colours are beautiful together. :) I had thought of posting photos of my mom (when she was younger) as well, but every now and then she looks at my blog and she's the type that may not want them up there. But it's so sweet to see your mom! She's beautiful. :)

  18. I was just telling my niece recently about the 'shift' dresses we wore in the 60's. They were easy to make and easy to wear. Not sure if they are made today and what they're called. I have noticed that if the mother sewed then the daughter's usually do too.

  19. Tedd. You do look just like her, I resemble my mom too. Are you a natural blonde? Your hair is so light. I love the pic of your mom walking the sweetheart cat walk. I could not help but look at all of those dresses on the girls standing on the sidelines. Really enjoyed this post. Dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  20. You do look like your mom! And that's a good thing, she's a beautiful woman. With a very cute nose. I like that she made her own clothes even as a teenager. I can't sew but sometimes I'll dream about great outfits, wake up and wish I could bring them to life. The lace capelet is so pretty!

  21. Ohh HUGE blog post, lovely read! You definitely do look like your mother, my goodness! :) xox


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